My baby is growing up!

and off to brownie camp we goLittle Miss Green attended a Brownie Camp this weekend. She has only been going to Brownies for three weeks, but felt confident and excited to be going off with her new friends.

They were only a couple of miles away, but I know it can feel like the other side of the world when you’re seven. No, let me be honest with rewording. It can feel like the other side of the world, when you’re Mum, missing your babe!

They ‘camped’ in a village hall on metal camp beds. Hmmmmm. Little Miss Green’s first comment was ‘that’s not camping’, but nevertheless, she wanted to go and experience being away from Mum.

They took good care of her dietary requirements. I was dreading the quality of the meals, but was pleasantly surprised. Little Miss Green can’t eat sugar, but I only had to provide a few things.

Pudding after Saturday lunch was fresh fruit, which was great. In addition they had a three course dinner on the Saturday night which began with melon, went on to a roast dinner and then fruit crumble, gathered from the hedgerows, to finish. So I provided her with fruit crumble and custard sans sugar, ‘squash’ i.e. pure fruit concentrate, and tomato ketchup for hot dogs on the Friday night. Everything else was fine once I had said no to breakfast cereal, they provided her with toast and marmite instead. Not exactly nutritious, but one of her favourites, so that went down a treat.

Anyway not only am I getting my head around the ‘she’s going away for two nights’ scenario on Friday as I’m ticking things off her kit list, but half an hour before she left, she lost a tooth! Oh my! it would be a long post to tell you of the importance of this event.

But put briefly, Little Miss Green doesn’t do growing up. She likes to act like a baby or toddler, even to the extent that she insisted I bought her a pair of reigns from a charity shop to play with and she wears them!

Did I give her too much freedom as a toddler learning to walk I ask myself?!

Anyway, she has been hanging on and hanging on to this tooth for MONTHS. I thought it was ready to come out in March, but no, somehow she managed to keep it firmly in place until Friday night.

It felt so symbolic in many ways……………

She had the time of her life. As for me, I didn’t sleep a wink, but I didn’t let on 😉 When she rushed through the door to great me she said ‘Did you miss me?’ You bet your life I did, little angel!. We spent the rest of the day in each others arms in front of the fire sharing in her adventures of growing up.