My Personal spring / Ostara journey…….

Goddess Ostara by Mickie Mueller - celebrating spring equinoxThere is so much to write about today, so I’m writing twice! While many people celebrate the first day of spring, yesterday, on the 20th March, I still feel spring on the 21st. I don’t know why that is………..

The weather is beautiful here today and I feel a renewed sense of potential and possibilities. I listened to two out of three of Brandon Bay’s ‘The Journey‘ yesterday.

If anyone reading has some ‘stuck’ issue; whether it be a physical complaint or an emotion, or even a part of your personality that you know is out of control, then I urge you to consider doing ‘The Journey’ work.

I admit I was getting a little skeptical as I was working through the programme (unfortunately, I am a ‘voices’ person and her voice just didn’t have it for me – sorry Brandon; that’s not a criticism of who you Be).

Anyway, I was lying there, dutifully going through the journey, writing down my answers (not getting the answers I expected either; which was lovely – it meant my mind and ego had finally taken a rest and I was allowing my unconscious some stage space) when WHAM! some really deep tears started to flow.

It was utterly amazing. Not sad tears, just ‘releasing’ tears, you know? The ones you know you have been holding onto for years and of my favourites - tulips in spring time

Brandon Bays moves into forgiveness towards the end of the programme, which is a very scary area for me. I’ve never really understood forgiveness, which indicates I have a whole load of it to do I guess! But on I went into the realms of forgiveness with the greatest of ease, guided by her voice and the seamless journey I was on. The greatest Epiphany moment for me came when I realised *there was nothing to forgive*.

Wow! That has to be the most ultimate and profound realisation.

Brandon Bays emphasises the importance of forgiving ourselves too. Too often we look at other people, situations and circumstances to release them but forget to forgive ourselves in the process. I felt this was a really important step. I don’t know if any of you have stopped to listen to your inner voice recently, but I’m going to hazard a guess that you pretty much have an inner *critic* up there pacing around in the realms of your mind. So, you can forgive yourself for all the things your inner voice berates you for.

Brandon Bays - The Journey (cd) click on me to buy!We are all perfect, in the eyes of the Universe / God / Source. We come into the world perfect (do you ever catch a baby doubting his or her ability to be loved and to master walking?) and we continue as perfectBrandon Bays - The Journey (book) click on me to buy! Beings. Geesh, when you think about it – we are walking miracles! I mean, look at what we do throughout our lives. We love, we laugh, we bless the earth, we bring happiness to one another, we seek to improve ourselves, we heal, we learn, we share…………

So, I’ve moved into Spring and the Easter weekend with my own regeneration. (It’s probably a bit OTT to suggest I’m having a resurrection :D). What a great way to embrace this new season. It’s been the most blustery of days (line of washing dry in under and hour), but with non-stop sunshine. Coupled with the inner journey work I’ve been doing, it’s been just the day to blow away the cobwebs and put a spring in my step.

Have a beautiful day, wherever you are and whatever you do………..

Have you done any personal work with ‘The Journey’? How did you get on?

Photo credit: Goddess Ostara by the talented Mickie Mueller