Natural Collection; Green and gorgeous since 1999, launch their Spring 2008 collection

organic cotton sunshine dress by Natural CollectionTwice a year everyone at Natural Collection goes wild with anticipation as the culmination of months of hard work comes to fruition and a brand new collection is born. Celebrations are well justified now that they have launched their Spring 2008 collection!

Since 1999, Natural Collection have been pioneers in the Eco market. With so much ‘greenwashing’ going on, it’s good to find a green shop you can trust, knowing that everything they offer has been independently vetted by an environmental expert for eco friendliness.

This collection shows just how gorgeous green has become. From fabulous fashion to the latest energy saving gadgets, Natural Collection pride themselves on providing only the very best of eco retail.

They stock beautiful fair trade and organic cotton clothes that celebrate not only the onset of spring but a new ideal for what we can wear with good conscience and still look really gorgeous.

Stylish waterproof jackets and back packs made from recycled plastic; comfy sanspiezia luxury organic products are available from Natural Collectiondals made from old seat belts; trendy belts made from old fire hoses; water saving devices made from old tyres; new solar devices, these all celebrate a new kind of innovation – Natural Collection shows how clever we can all be when we need to rethink our resources.

Charming fair trade bird feeders, handmade bamboo wind chimes, recycled tin lanterns and fair trade crisp organic cotton bed linen; they all celebrate and respect the lives of people far away who also have families to feed.

Natural Collection have won the prestigious Observer Ethical Awards for Best On-line Retailer for two years in a row. And this week they were delighted to see their fabulous Shopping Trolley named as ‘best Buy’ in the Independent’s Ten Best Shopping Trolleys.  Plastic carrier bags are a real concern all over the world, but Natural Collection have given us the perfect solution with a non-PVC, EU produced trolley.

ditch the plastic with a shopping trolley from Natural Collection - nominated ‘Best Buy’ by the Independant newspaperI have to admit, I still need to get the image of my grandmother walking up the local High Street with her tartan trolley behind her out of my mind before I make the switch. But friends of mine have the last laugh when they proudly use their’s and my arms are aching after lugging everything home.

Natural Collection are currently running an offer where you can claim a FREE Earth Friendly Eco Cleaning Kit when you spend over £40.
The kit contains Washing-up Liquid (118ml), Laundry Liquid (118ml) and Surface Cleaner (118ml).

So what are you waiting for? For gifts, household goods, fashion, eco gadgets and baby items; Natural Collection have everything you could need, friendly staff and an easy online ordering system.

Do you have a favourite online ‘eco store’ you’d like to share with others? I’d love to hear about it