Saving Water in the House

green blog water conservationOne of the easiest ways of making your house more environmentally friendly is to save water.

It’s simpler than you think because easy-to-find products sold in Builders Merchants and DIY stores can help to achieve this!

From a simple water saving device inside a tap to a whole rainwater recycling system, building supplies are become more environmentally aware.

Low flow taps

Many tap manufacturers now offer “low flow” options that reduce water use by aerating the flow – introducing more air into the water flow at the tap outlet.

Some manufacturers have introduced a “reduced movement” lever control that only allows a certain amount of water to pass through the tap when it is opened.

Low flow toilets

Modern WC cisterns are designed to use far less water than traditional models by utilising intelligent flushing methods– replacing an old style cistern with a newer equivalent could save up to 40 litres a day based on an average family usage.

Rain barrels

Water Butts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including slimline versions that are less visible and more aesthetically pleasing than the original “barrel” style models.

Water butts connect to rainwater downpipes using a rain diverter that diverts water away from the pipe and into the water butt. The clever part is that when the butt is full the diverter allows rainwater to continue down the pipe.

Rainwater harvesting

The very best way to save water for re-use is a Rainwater Harvesting System. This is an underground storage system that collects rainwater and re-distributes it for home and garden use via a system of valves, pumps and sensors.

Once hugely expensive, these systems are now becoming more widespread in their use and as a result they are now more competitively priced.

The most recent systems, available from most gutter suppliers, include sensors that enable the water supply from the storage tank to be seamlessly switched to the mains when the tank is empty, ensuring the water supply is constant.

These are just a few simple ways of reducing your mains water usage. The Energy Saving Trust also offer a comprehensive list of water saving tips and tricks.

So the next time you flush the toilet, water the roses or do the washing up, ask yourself if one of these devices could make your house just a little but greener!