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mrs-green-little-green-blogBefore being a parent, I didn’t really give a stuff about the environment. It wasn’t that I didn’t care; thoughts of sustainability and eco issues simply weren’t on my radar. ‘Green’ was for hippies who didn’t wash and covered up their body odour with patchouli oil.

I had much more important things to think about like pursuing the American Dream, acquiring stuff and making sure my hair looked good.

Then I became a mother…

It wasn’t until I was holding a baby in my arms my awareness of the fragility of the planet was woken with a start. Suddenly I realised life was about more than just me and what I could get out of it. I had the rude awakening that long after I’d filled the landfill with several cars, mattresses and tonnes of plastic packaging my daughter needed and deserved a safe and beautiful planet to live on.

I started to read about the environment and made small changes; swapping light bulbs, turning things off standby and using charity shops. I read about climate change but thought it might happen in 400 years time, because we never believe it will happen to us, right?

Then I had another rude awakening.

In August 2004, my family and I (my daughter was three by then) were on holiday in Boscastle, Cornwall, when this message was passed to RAF kinloss Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre:

Pass to all emergency services. This is a major incident. I repeat This is a major incident. We require all standby aircraft available and all available land-based emergency crews as we are in danger of losing Boscastle and all the people in it.

My husband, daughter and I were three of them.

On that day, Mother Nature unleashed one of Britain’s worst rainstorms over the hills above Boscastle. And we were there, along with thousands of other people, when she did.


I realised, as I was standing knee deep in water with my daughter in my arms, frantically searching for my husband and wondering if I’d ever see him again, that climate change wasn’t about to give me a 400 year hall pass, it was happening now.


One hundred people were airlifted to safety that day and miraculously no one died.

But cars, shops, homes and livelihoods were washed into the sea, never to be seen again.


That puts things into perspective doesn’t it? All the things we had worked hard to acquire, gone in an instant; swallowed by the sea…

After messing around with ideas and half heartedly changing my life to be ‘greener’ I set up Little Green Blog. I thought it might keep me accountable and that I might meet some like-minded travellers along the way. I also felt the urge to be part of the solution rather than continuing to be part of the problem.

Little did I know that thousands of readers later this blog would become a resource of inspiration for others, a site through which I would meet fantastic, inspiring and passionate people and that I would learn so much!

I’m thrilled and humbled to announce that Little Green Blog is a finalist in the BritMums “Brilliance in Blogging” awards (BiBs) for the ‘change’ category. This category is for bloggers who use their voices for causes, raising awareness and funds, and being a force for positive change. Britmums say “these bloggers did more than their bit, and helped us get involved too”.

I’m thrilled because it makes all those hours of sitting looking at a blank screen worthwhile.
I’m humbled because, well, just take a look at the amazing women who are in the change category; could there be a more humbling group of people to be standing alongside?

  • Renata at Just bring the chocolate (@renatabplus3) blogs about parenting her special needs (currently with no unifying diagnosis) son, Dominic whilst giving her other three children some semblance of ordinary life.
  • Kate, from Kate on thin ice (@kateonthinice) is an incredibly effervescent and compassionate woman. She’s been working with charities since she was 21 and inspires women to be the best they can be.
  • Emma, who blogs at LLM Calling (@emmuk74) juggles Ministry with motherhood, mental health and mayhem. Her unwavering faith and attitude of gratitude shines through her blog.
  • Lexy, who runs Mammy Woo (@Mammywoo) has a stunning sense of humour, and has the gift of combining this with heart-rendingly and honest posts about coping with PND.
  • As you might guess from the name of her site, Tania from Special needs jungle (@SpcialNdsJungle) works tirelessly to help parents negotiate the special education needs system in the UK.
  • Karen from The Rubbish Diet (@KarenCannard) has a special place in my heart. It was reading about this extraordinary woman who accumulated just one plaster in a week that inspired me to slim our bin too.
  • Christine from Thinly Spread (@christinemosler) shares beautiful posts about her day to day life. They gently encourage you to explore vegetarian cooking and gardening in order to make the world a cleaner, greener place.

So I’d like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me and want to share my view that everyone is a winner.

Blogs have the power to touch another’s soul, to offer comfort, inspiration and support. The BritMums blogging community is second to none with bloggers who work tirelessly to promote their cause. And I wish ALL the finalists in all the categories the very best of luck!

Tell me; what’s the story behind your blog?


  1. Tania Tirraoro on May 14, 2012 at 8:05 am

    Thanks for the mention and good luck to you hope to meet you at BritMums on 22nd June! You have a great looking blog!

  2. Brenna @ Almost All The Truth on May 14, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    Many congratulations! That is truly a horrific experience for anyone to go through, let alone a new mother. It is going to take us all, all around the world, using our blogs to effect change while doing the same in our own lives, but I believe we can make a difference. Good luck!

  3. [email protected] eco friendly homemaking on May 14, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What an eye opening post . I had no idea that you had to go through such a frightening experience. Your blog is always such a great inspiration and you deserve this award!!

  4. Small Footprints on May 14, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS, Mrs. Green! You so deserve this honor!! I, for one, have been encouraged in my green journey because of your honesty and integrity … and your willingness to share information with all of us, your readers. So I’m thrilled that you are being recognized!

    Your story brought tears to my eyes. We read about these things but … to feel like we know you and to imagine you standing there with your daughter, wondering whether you’d ever see your husband again … well, it just breaks my heart. I’m so glad that it all turned out okay for you!

    Congratulations, again, Mrs. Green! You truly are an inspiration!

  5. Renata on May 15, 2012 at 9:06 am

    Thanks for sending the link to this via twitter. It’s funny how our lives twist and turn and take us in directions we never imagined. I was always sceptical about the influence that bloggers, especially ‘mummy bloggers’ who many don’t take seriously, could have on others. Over the last year or so I have seen more and more voices being heard above and beyond the blogging communities. There are lots of causes out there that need a voice and hopefully more people will use the Internet not just to moan about what they don’t like about the world they live in, but to be a positive influence by getting off their butts and doing something about it.

    Even if I only get one email telling me that what I’ve written has made a difference then that’s a good thing, because it’s made a change and each little change counts towards the big one that you’re aiming for.

    Good luck to you, and the other finalists, all worthy winners x

  6. Mrs Green on May 20, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    @Tania Tirraoro: sadly I won’t be at Britmums, but it promises to be a fantastic day 🙂

    @Brenna @ Almost All The Truth: thanks for your lovely comment Brenna, great to see you again 🙂

    @[email protected] eco friendly homemaking: thanks so much Alicia!

    @Small Footprints: Thanks SF; you know you are the utmost inspiration to me as well…

    @Renata: thanks for dropping by Renata; loved your comment on how we can ALL be advocates for change in our own small way

  7. Zoe (@ecothrifty) on May 22, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    Congratulations on being a Britmums finalist. That really does sound like a horrific experience you went through. I can’t begin to imagine how scary that must have been. It is great that you were inspired to start this blog and something good has come of your experiences!

  8. Mrs Green on May 25, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    @Zoe (@ecothrifty): Hi Zoe, great to see you. I think many of us are inspired to change things because of our own experiences; so there is always a silver lining to the cloud!

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