Happiness month day 19 – the intricacies of nature

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Oh my. Nature. Isn’t it just awesome?

But how often do we stop to think about, breathe it in, or simply notice?

This week I had a definite message from the Universe to stop and notice!
There I was, rushing around in my very important, busy life, late to get somewhere, about the run through the door when I was stopped by this:


Quite literally – this darling creature had built her web right outside my front door and I had to spend a moment looking carefully to where the web was attached so I could get through without destroying her home.

The sunlight was shining through and I was almost bought to tears by the intricacies of this web. I don’t even like spiders, but who could fail to be impressed by this work of art?

I’m not sure whether the web was broken and there were some repairs going on or whether the outside had been created and then spiders start from the inside to join it up. It doesn’t really matter – the logic and the knowledge. What matters is that we stop, honour, revere and take notice.

Could man ever build something like that with all the technology available? I mean, do you have a secret gland beneath your abdomen which can produce a material, comparable on a weight-to-strength basis to steel?

I didn’t think so…

What has inspired you in nature recently?


  1. Jennifer on August 21, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    I’ve been looking at tree bark! One of my latest interests is city tree identification. No, they’re not native, but it’s still kind of cool to know what’s what. The bark provides a big clue to the type of species. The ash trees on my street have wonderful latticed gray bark on straight, narrow trunks. The next street over, there are trees with bark that comes off in patches, leaving behind bright orange areas. I haven’t figured out what those are yet.

  2. Mrs Green on August 28, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    @Jennifer: Sounds really interesting; I’ve not really looked much at bark – it’s oak, pine and birch I recognise but I guess they are all really different. Thanks Jennifer – any ideas on what that tree is yet with the bright orange ‘skin’ ?

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