Happy New Year!

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mrs green from little green blogHappy New Year, dear readers.

I hope you had a joyful festive season and are ready for whatever 2012 has to offer.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really one for New Year Resolutions. I tend to favour ‘resolve’. And I like to have a general theme that will be driving my actions throughout the year.

This year it’s all about balance for me. A work / life balance. A homely / organised balance. A Mum / Wife / Me balance. A serve others / take care of me balance. A walk up the hill even though I don’t feel like it / chill in front of the fire balance.

You get the picture.

My intentions are to continue decluttering; it feels more and more liberating the more stuff I shift. I have a vision in my mind of how my home will look, how I will feel, what it will sound like, smell like and it lures me more and more.

I’m learning to do this with my hoarding husband close behind. So in amongst my desire for balance will come tolerance, compassion and compromise.

In order to achieve a work / life balance I feel one has to look at the family budget. The more things you ‘need’ (aka ‘want’ in most instances) the more money is needed to support these desires. So I’m seeking more simplicity.

The first thing I’m going to do is a no-spend month. I’ve greatly admired those who have done it but I’ve always failed. I’ve always fallen prey to my desires and wants but now I feel ready to succeed.

I will be buying essentials – to me that means fuel for the car, paying the bills and buying food; but even two out of three of those necessities can be reduced.

I’ll be digging into the freezer and pulling out the UFO (unidentified frozen objects), opening jars of preserved foods, eating up dried fruits and rummaging through tins long forgotten.

After school clubs will not be in full swing for another week or two so we can reduce the amount of travelling we do by shopping in bulk whenever we top up.

Overall I feel a sense of calmness descending upon me. I recognise my tendency towards stress. I cannot remember the last time I fell asleep in under two hours or stayed asleep for more than four. My mind appears not to switch off and I’m always planning for the future or going over the events of the past. I’m addicted to ‘busy ness’ and it’s an addiction I want to break for it does little to serve me.

Trying to bring my monkey mind into the present moment is no simple task, so tolerance, compassion and compromise will be my allies once again. Beating oneself up does little except cause pain. I talk to myself and treat myself in ways I would never talk to another, so it’s time for some unconditional parenting of Self too. I feel that once I master this I can achieve my goals. All the while my inner critic needs reasons to berate myself, not achieving the balance provides the perfect tools with which to flagellate myself.

I can see it, make left-brained sense of it all and have self awareness, but where to go with the knowledge is my quest…

What about you – what does 2012 look like for you?


  1. nadine sellers on January 1, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    dear writer and supporter of commonsense living..here on earth in 2012..a good year to all, and this means achieving the homeostasis you strive for..Mrs Green, you will arrive in the peaceful meadow of easy sleep, your beautiful mind and body will converge to rest.

    as for self;
    for six months i have cooked from conserves and preserves, eaten from the small freezer and the garden all the way till early december 11…and still have loads of grains and legumes waiting on top shelves.we only shop for sales-too-good-to-miss on items we do use..olive oil, canned fish (as we live too far inland), cheese or milk on occasion..so the picture here is to use up the stores and replenish with new staples with the money saved.

    along 2011, i have managed to slowly abandon craft and time consuming projects..how free already..and i can declutter by giving lots of usables to the local Amish community or to a charity shop..slowly-methodically..stress free.

    a grateful reader, ns

  2. [email protected] eco friendly homemaking on January 2, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Wow you have some really great goals for 2012! We might try going a month without buying anything extra.I am not sure it would be that easy but it would be interesting to find out!

  3. Brenna @ Almost All The Truth on January 2, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    I love your goals for 2012 and am not a real fan of resolutions either. I chose (or it chose me, not sure) one word to describe what I feel will be valuable to me to make 2012 a better year for me. I encourage anyone with a New Year’s post to come link-up too, if they would like! 🙂

  4. Jennifer @noteasy2begreen on January 3, 2012 at 3:55 am

    UFOs! I love it. I have quite a few in my own messy freezer, and one of these weeks we should just skip buying groceries in favor of cleaning it out. Like you I’ve admired people who did the no spend week, but I’ve never managed it. Write about your experiences, and you might inspire me. 🙂 Thus far, my only resolution has been to stop buying tea bags. I put all my loose tea into much more visible and accessible glass jars so I will no longer reach for the convenience (and waste) of tea bags.

  5. Mrs Green on January 8, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    @nadine sellers: Thanks for the good sleep wishes, Nadine. Alas nothing has changed yet, but life ebbs and flows, so there we are…I’m so impressed with your ability to be self sufficient in food for so long; very cool and something I aspire to…

    @[email protected] eco friendly homemaking: Well I’m a week in and have spent £8 so far on fruit and veg. I’m thrilled as I usually spend about £100 per week on food 😉

    @Brenna @ Almost All The Truth: Thanks for calling by Brenna; I enjoyed very much reading about your word of resolve for the year 🙂

    @Jennifer @noteasy2begreen: Oh well done on the tea bags; that’s great. I still buy echinacea tea as our keeled over and died, but we use our own mint and other goodies throughout the summer. Could do better though as LMG likes some of the fancy herbal teas like mango and strawberry 😉

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