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supermarket-trolleyHonestly, after last week when I was lusting over yoga mats and non slip socks, this week has been a breeze.

I’ve read for years that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but I’ve never seen any signs of it working for me!

However, after just 15 or so days of not buying anything unnecessary I’m shopping like a pro AND it’s much quicker!

I simply don’t bother to browse. I’m laser focused on my list and I adopt an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach.

I see it all the time in Little Miss Green – once she gets a magazine in the post she suddenly has a list of things she’s ‘always wanted’ or ‘everyone else has’. And I’m the same. When the newsletters ping into my inbox with lovely clothes and shoes, suddenly I have nothing to wear and need an updated wardrobe. Thanks goodness we don’t have TV.

I mentioned last week I’d unsubbed from the aforementioned newsletters. I’ve sent back catalogues as unrequested junk mail and I’m practising an attitude of gratitude. In all honesty I have everything, EVERYTHING I need and lots of what I want. So really life is pretty rosy.

I nearly slipped once. I am researching an article and could do with reading a couple of books. My usual pattern is to check my local library (they didn’t have the ones I wanted) and then I whizz over to Amazon and order second hand copies.

I had the two books in my basket and was about to check out when I remembered my pledge.

You’ll never guess what I did!?

I amazed even myself…

I contacted the authors direct and requested an interview.

How’s that for using modern technology to its best advantage?

Oh, I almost slipped again when I had a newsletter from a mineral makeup company offering a 50% discount off their entire range. I ummed and ahhed and justified my ‘need’ in my mind and went to the website but guess what? The pages wouldn’t open! It was a sign I’m telling you, a S-I-G-N! I had a giggle to myself, thanked the Universe for keeping me on track and shut the browser…

All in all then I spent under £20 – a couple of packs of butter; food is not a meal without butter in my opinion, two loaves of sprouted wheat bread and fresh fruit and veggies. Oh and a kickboxing lesson. Our pile of tins and packets STILL seems to be growing by the minute and I’ve made some great meals this week.

What about you – are you managing to use up things from your store and resist the temptation to buy new?


  1. nadine sellers on January 22, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    yes, yes using up some of the frozen goods and dry staples such as wheat meal, steel cut oats, brown rice, lentils..and then a few canned goods, but i had several winter squashes in the basement, so had to uses these, and they were large..and carrots also..

    then came a neighbor with a large tub of deer parts and ham shanks and whatever else did not fit in his freezer. meat saw in hand and fillet knife at ready, i donned my trusty apron, put on the butcher block and went to business on the free game. ‘t’is hunting season in the land.

    needless to say that my plan to become full fledged vegetarian has been temporarily postponed…winter protein is reduced to stew meat packages and ground venison for chili and soup. gratefully so.

    have avoided all temptation by walking away from shops, turning pages of adverts on library mags, and focusing on the few green blogs which i faithfully read for inspiration maintenance.

  2. Jennifer Ward-Pelar on January 23, 2012 at 4:38 am

    Mrs. Green! You’re doing GREAT!! I’m soooo proud of you!
    I’ve bought take-out and beer. (Sigh.) And it’s barely half way through the very first month!!
    I was SUPER impressed with you writing and asking for an interview instead. Genius!!
    P.S. Matt thinks food shouldn’t count in the need vs want plan. Though take-out isn’t a “need” in my book, Matt says it’s still food and should count as a need. Hmm….we need a middle man on this one!!! 🙂
    I’m going to have to write a post up about how we’re doing so far. I’ll add in a link to this post because it’s so interesting! Keep up the good work, woman! I am so proud.

  3. Mrs Green on January 24, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    @nadine sellers: I have questioned my past vegetarianism as you know – in terms of whether it’s a sustainable diet. I like what you do – feast on the meat when it finds you, but be satisfied with plants and other food when meat is not in abundance – that feels very reverent and in flow with the rhythms of life.

    @Jennifer Ward-Pelar: Take out and beer LOL! You’re a woman with an enviable lifestyle 😉 For *my* rules, food is obviously a necessity but I wouldn’t personally include takeout in that unless I bought something at a knock down price. Now that’s interesting isn’t it? All of a sudden it’s about cost. Hmmm.

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