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Group of friends This week, one of my favourite bloggers, Jennifer, wrote about ‘preaching to the green choir‘.

For the month of April I’ve been given the opportunity to connect with bloggers outside of my eco friendly and ‘natural’ genre, thanks to British Mummy Bloggers.

It’s interesting reading other people’s sites who, I have to be honest, I’d probably never normally read. Let’s face it, humans are herding creatures, we seek out like minds and people who are walking our path, but I also like to think I am tolerant and understanding of people who have different values and meanings. I am acutely aware, however, of one of my traits which is to be a teeny bit judgmental. Combine with that, a ‘I need a 48 hour day’ schedule and it’s the perfect recipe for getting stuck in a rut with my blog reading.

Well all that will be put to the test during April!

I must admit, when I saw Nazima, a working Mum in London on my list, my initial thought was ‘we’ll have NOTHING in common’. But then I started reading her blog and saw a lovely post called “daddy can cook” about how her husband is a French chef and they are weaning their baby on home cooked foods. Nazima writes “our approach to the baby diet has been home food all prepared by us in batch and frozen. I am amazed how with good preparation and planning and a healthy dose of fresh stock, many delicious meals can be made.”
Well amen to that!

When I saw some of Mummy Manda’s recipes for gammon and chips, and fried bacon and eggs I thought I’d met my match. How can WE have anything in common I thought! But then I came across an amazing sounding recipe for pasta crisps. They sound lovely and I’m a convert!

So then I started to approach each blog with a more open mind. Emma, over on the real supermum blog, shares some of my views on kids growing up before their years. In her post “Using your child as a fashion accessory”, she focuses on babies with pierced ears and young girls wearing high heels. I’ve talked about some of the toxic ingredients founds in cosmetics aimed at children on the site and totally get that our children are sometimes used as accessories.

Wendy, from “Inside the Wendy House” introduced me to the “Massage for Your Mind” 18 minute Hypnosis mp3 which can improve mental calmness, physical relaxation, confidence, competence and aid better sleep quality. Just my sort of thing! I love hypnosis and meditation, and one of our readers, Russell Davis shared tips for “How to take control of our body’s response to stress” which was a really popular post.

Tartan Kiwi over at ‘craft and nappies is a SAHM in a new city over in Christchurch, New Zealand. She’s really artistic and has recently started a series of blog posts about repurposing tea towels! Check out her toddler trousers and peg bag. I can’t wait to see what she creates next!

Maggie is someone I feel I CAN connect with. She is living a beautiful-sounding life on an organic small holding in Wales. Maggie loves cooking and appears to be living the Good Life with her assortment of animals and a lovely vegetable garden. Check out “Life in the Preseli Hills” to see her cute lambs.

So there you have it. What have I learned from this? Well I’ve learned not to judge people until I get to know them. That many people share things in common, it might just not be apparent at first. That the blog does not make the person! And that I could develop 6 great friendships if I could put aside judgment…

I’ve also learned that ‘green’ and ‘natural’ seems to span so many lifestyles; for instance Nazima’s wonderful homecooked food, Mummy Manda’s great-sounding pasta crisps, Emma’s feelings on allowing kids to be kids, Wendy’s great meditation technique, Tartan Kiwi’s creating recycling and Maggie’s organic small holding. It should be a fun month!

Have you developed any great friendships through your blog with people ‘outside of your niche’?


  1. Jennifer on April 1, 2011 at 5:29 am

    This brought a huge smile to my face. It sounds like you’re really connecting with people outside the green movement and finding intersections and opportunities for real conversations. I was about to say that it’s harder for people who aren’t parents to reach diverse circles, but then I realized it was an excuse. Although I’m a bit of a hermit by nature, I have several circles that I could reach out to and don’t — fellow potters, cat shelter volunteers, and the students I work with.

    I hope April will be amazing for you!

  2. Nazima on April 1, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Thanks so much for that! and yes it is great to look outside the comfort zone every now and then – I certainly am guilty of that. Your site is so well laid out and v interesting. Believe it or not we are trying to do our bit in our house here in West London, having a baby changes you. Look forward to reading more posts

  3. Inside the Wendy House on April 1, 2011 at 10:34 am

    I am definitely going to enjoy reading more and finding what we have in common! My whole family is vegetarian and we’re getting solar panels installed! I love buying organic things if the budget allows and I am a committed re-cycler (I hate when people bin their re-cyclable waste!! Drives me mad!) Maybe I’ll do a post about this…perhaps I’ll do something inspired by each of our comment group’s blogs!! xxx

  4. Small Footprints on April 1, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    Oh … how wonderful! What a great opportunity you have this month.

    It’s unfortunate that we all get “pigeon holed” into a niche because we are complex people. While we may only blog about one subject, we’re probably interested in many things … and only visiting sites that seem to match our own blogs may prevent us from learning new things, meeting new people and gaining greater insight. I found out, first hand, that participating in “non-green” sites opens the door for “green” conversations. I belong to an artisan site and many of the people there are living a green life … they just don’t talk a lot about it. So I’ve learned a great deal from them. Thanks to both you and Jennifer for giving me more food for thought. 🙂

  5. Mrs Green on April 4, 2011 at 7:58 am

    @Jennifer: Why thank you ma’am and I love how you saw you were making another excuse – I love your openness and honesty with yourself. I’m a hermit too, but reaching out in the virtual world is easier..

    @Nazima: I look forward to hearing more about some of the changes you have made. You’re right for sure – a baby really does change your view of the world!

    @Inside the Wendy House: I love your idea of writing a post based on inspirations from our commenting group; what a fantastic thought…

    @Small Footprints: I’m learning this too and most of all it helps me to be less judgemental (I hope). That is the personality flaw I struggle with most…

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