When is a candle not a candle?

I don’t know about you but I’ve always loved creating mood lighting.

Here at Chez Green we’re pretty busy during the day running our own business and it’s important to separate work from pleasure especially when you work from home.

One of my favourite ways to spend an evening after a stressful day is with a real fire, some favourite music and atmospheric lighting, which is why I was thrilled to test these remote control magic candles.

These ingenious LED candles are the coolest and safest way to create atmospheric mood lighting throughout your home. And you know how much we love our LED lighting!

They’re almost identical in look to real candles but they’re lit by battery powered internal LEDs so there is no danger of unwanted fires when using them. This makes them perfect for areas where real flames would be impractical or dangerous such as window ledges close to curtains or outdoors when it’s windy or even when you fancy candles but you have children running around the house.

They are ideal as a centrepiece for a romantic dinner or around the side of a bath tub for a relaxing soak. They are also ideal for children’s rooms as they are 100% flame less and cool to touch.

They are extremely realistic with a great wax finish and flickering flame effect. Right now I’m hiding these away as they are voted one of the top Christmas presents 2012 over at paramount zone, so I’m keeping them to give Mr Green as a surprise in December.

He loves his gadgets and these candles are easily operated by remote control so they should be just the thing for him!

Whatsmore, I’m a big candle fan but you have to be careful what you choose. Candles are great, but unless they are beeswax or soya based they can be full of toxic chemicals that are neither good for the environment or for us to breathe in! I have a few beeswax candles but they are very expensive and you can’t leave them unattended.

What about you – have you ever used these sorts of candles, what do you think of them? Do you like the idea or prefer the real thing?

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  1. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking on November 6, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    Oh these look awesome! You are so right we need to be aware of all the chemicals that are in fragrance candles. When I am somewhere where they are using them they will try to give me a headache. These look like such a great alternative!