Fairtrade fortnight 22nd Feb – 7 March 2010

fairtrade fortnightThe Fairtrade foundation are asking the nation to join in with one of the biggest swaps during Fairtrade fortnight!

The idea is that you vote with your money and make a stand for fairtrade by swapping your usual purchases for fairtrade alternatives.

They are hoping to get us to pledge 1 million swaps which will prove the people of the UK want producers in the developing world to get a fairer deal.

It’s simple and free to register your swaps and is worth taking part to show your support. Did you know, one third of people on this planet survive on less than $2 per day?

Not only do they live in poverty, but they face the challenges of climate change and food shortages too. Without our help, the poor will get poorer.

There are heaps of ways to get involved. If you want something low key, simply shop for more fairtrade items. If you want to be more vocal then why not throw a fairtrade tea party?

From bananas to beauty products, coffee to cotton and tea to toilet rolls, there are a growing number of fairtrade products available. Fairtrade certified products are available in many major supermarkets and independent shops and you can find out more with the Fairtrade Foundation retail products list.

what about you – what product could you swap for a fairtrade alternative?