Four ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day whilst loving the earth!

Four ways to celebrate Valentine's Day whilst loving the earth!Valentine’s Day is a wonderful celebration of love, but it might not be so great for the earth.

When you consider all those red roses flown in from across the world and covered in pesticides, cheap teddy bears made in sweat shops and the myriad of cards that mean trees are cut down, there has to be a better way to say “I love you!”

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much effort to come up with a meaningful day for you and your special person.

Wine and Dine

A romantic dinner is a great way to spend quality time together but how do you find that perfect place? Sites like based in SE Asia, offer an easy way to search for that ideal setting from your mobile phone! You can browse their diverse relaxing bars, cosy cafes and hip restaurants to experience the finest local and international cuisine and drinks. And their detailed listings include promotions, happy hours, opening hours and menus. Wherever you’re celebrating in the world, this article in the Independent will show you the world’s greatest cities for food.

Get into nature

Is your partner more of a nature lover? Then why not plan a hike together and get away from it all. The most important thing here is to be comfortable so you can focus on being together. Bridgedale provide the ultimate socks to keep outdoor adventurers “on track” with their gorgeously soft and comfortable performance socks. Each pair is manufactured in its UK factory and uses Bridgedale‘s unique Fusion technologies, which mixes the best natural wool with technical fibres to ensure the best performance for the specific sport or exercise. My daughter is planning a 10 mile walk on Saturday night; I’ll let you know how her feet get on!

Experiences, not things

Instead of gifts, I prefer acts of service and nothing puts a smile on my face more than my husband promising me a massage or foot rub or my daughter giving me an IOU to do some jobs around the house! Valentine’s Day is a wonderful excuse to think outside the box and give treasured experiences rather than things. What about theatre tickets, attending a course together, learning a new skill or a digital subscription to a favourite magazine?

Make it

If you can’t get away from the idea that you have to give something, why not put your energy and love into making something yourself? It could be as simple as a batch of cookies or as complex as an elaborate meal. Instead of flowers, plant a tree together (you can do this in a community setting if you don’t have a garden), instead of cards, paint your loved one a picture or write them a poem and rather than mass produced lingerie or jewellery, look for fair trade, vintage or a local artist.

What about you? How do you say I love you to the earth as well as each other?