How To Secure Your Home During A Renovation Project

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A home renovation is a very exciting project to embark on. However, being swept up in all the excitement and tasks, you must exercise caution and ensure your home is protected during the project. Theft cases on construction sites – whether homes or businesses – have grown more common over the past few years. In 2018, the UK construction industry lost more than £800 million due to issues of theft and vandalism. Although these cases happen on large sites and more expensive projects, you shouldn’t think your home is an exception to such risks. Therefore, it is vital to put various security measures to ensure your home is secure during a renovation project. Here are four steps to keep in mind.

  • Evaluate your security needs

Before embarking on a renovation project, you must run an evaluation check to assess your security and surveillance needs during that period. A thorough evaluation will provide useful insight into what to expect and which security measures you should implement. For instance, several unexpected changes come with home renovations. Removing or replacing doors, windows, and walls can affect your home’s surveillance system. Therefore, you would determine which measures would offer effective security by running an evaluation check.

Furthermore, a thorough evaluation can identify vulnerable areas thieves can take advantage of. This would help you implement the necessary security measures on time. For example, if you are building a room with new window additions, you would have to extend your surveillance measures to that room, or it would be easily accessible to robbers. If you are unsure of where to start, you can speak with a security expert to help you identify the high-risk areas in your home during and after the renovations. 

  • Keep track of who enters your home during renovations

If your home renovation project requires hiring a team of construction workers and contractors, it is more likely that you need to beef up your security for other areas in your home. One of the first things you have to do is keep track of all your keys throughout the renovation project. Doing this would help you monitor unfamiliar faces or names and draw out an intruder.

It is also vital that you build trust with workers. This also increases security as such employees would also look after your property while they work and update you on any strange happenings on site. It also helps you as you! For example, if you’re terrible at handling keys, you can get a smart lock for extra security and only give your code to trusted contractors and workers. The great thing about these locks is that you can connect them to your smartphone to let someone into your home remotely without giving them the code. These locks also allow you to set up opening and locking times, especially if you are away from your renovation site. 

  • Use security cameras

A home surveillance system is a great way to monitor and protect your home. This system is especially useful if you have other workers trooping in and out of your home in your absence. It also allows you to easily review footage if theft or injury cases occur on your site. Security cameras also act as a deterrence for intruders. Having cameras visible around your home site can cause criminals to change their minds about stealing or vandalising your property.

Plus, you can also watch your security footage in real-time. Some security cameras are fitted with motion-triggered sensors that can easily notify you via text or email if it detects any onsite suspicious movements. For the best security and surveillance camera options, it’s vital that you shop around online, read reviews, and check out websites such as to keep your renovation project secure.

  • Keep your neighbours informed

While it is courteous to let your neighbours know about your renovation plan, it is also a smart security move. Your neighbours may witness the events on your project, making them passively involved in the process. Their safety also matters.

You can make your neighbours feel more comfortable by introducing them to your contractor and his crew of workers. That way, your neighbours would know the cars and people moving around the neighbourhood. They would also be able to identify any new faces and suspicious activities. You can also notify them on expected working days to make it easier for them to know if you have an intruder or not.

If you plan for a home renovation project soon, these security tips should help you address those security concerns that crop up. Be sure to check out more safety tips.

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