Roundup of ‘green’ Valentine’s Day gifts

how to have a green valentines day littlegreenblogValentine’s Day will soon be upon us.

And I know as an eco friendly guy or girl, you’ll be looking for things that say “I love you” to the environment and the people in it, as well as each other.

Here’s my roundup of some of the fab products out there, created by brands that care as much as you do:

Say it with Grow-Your-Own-Wildflowers

As you’ll be aware from previous posts, buying flowers can have harmful effects on people and the environment.

Sprout World sell a range of affordable, quirky and eco friendly gifts that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

You’ll find flowering Valentine’s day card, planatable pencils and tiny desk-friendly gardens.

They’re this year’s must-have gifts for eco friendly lovers and sustainable sweethearts, at a price that won’t break the bank.

sprout plantable gifts littlegreenblog eco friendly valentine ideas

The gift of time

Jewellery is another favourite Valentine’s Gift.

But precious metals and stones can be at the heart of conflict and war.

Konifer provide wooden watches to their customers – yep, you read that right!

Their purpose is to give another alternative from the common watches on the market by having an eco-friendly product and business model.

I have one of their watches and it’s certainly a talking point!

littlegreenblog eco friendly valentines sequoia konifer wooden watch

Clothes with conscience

Econscious are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and are among the pioneers of organic clothing.

They create the finest quality products using carefully sourced organic and sustainable fibres.

They work closely with their supply chain, treating workers fairly and eliminating the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and other harmful chemicals.

I’ve got several of their products which came in plastic free packaging, and are wonderfully soft and wearable.

littlegreenblog green valentines day econscious clothing

Personalised gifts with a difference

I came across a fantastic shop on Etsy, run by Kate Holden, called ‘Oh Someday Jewellery‘.

And I treated myself to one of her ‘lyric bracelets’.

These bracelets can be custom made with a phrase, quote or lyric that is meaningful to you or the recipient.

Each piece is handcrafted by Kate and comes wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

She doesn’t advertise herself as ‘green’ but her packaging was spot on for this Green Goddess so I just had to give her a mention!

littlegreenblog green valentines day gifts

Breakfast in bed

Everyone loves food porn and most of us love browsing images on Pinterest and Instagram.

In his latest book, David Bez combines the two to bring you 150 mouthwatering, healthy breakfast recipes.

Each recipe is exquisitely photographed; a true feast for the eyes, as well as the stomach.

Each breakfast bowl idea contains two fruits or vegetables, plus a combination of a cereal, a protein, liquid – like yoghurt or milk, and perhaps an extra topping.

You want your lover, and your love to live a long, healthy life right? By giving this book you’ll have no excuse not to feed one another a truly scrumptious breakfast in bed every morning!

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