4 Tips For Living An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle in an Older Home

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Our home is nearly 100 years old and older houses aren’t always the easiest to keep green. For example, stone walls might not have a cavity for insulation, old sash windows can be draughty and slate floors aren’t the ideal flooring for installing underfloor heating!

However, there are some ways to keep older homes just as eco friendly as their modern couterparts:

1.    Thatched roofing

My previous home had a thatched roof. They look fantastic and are quintessentially British, but they do need maintenance and upkeep. Although a thatched roof can last for up to 40 years, you’ll need to find local, reputable thatching services to keep things in good condition. A good roof has excellent insulation properties; keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

2.    Lighting

No matter what age property you have, you can instal LED lighting. Even with antique light shades, some of the latest LED bulbs are excellent and look just like old filament bulbs. You can create mood lighting to fit in with the era of your property and maintain the look, but have all the advantages and efficiency of modern lighting.

3. Reuse and recycling

The age of your home makes no difference to how much you can recycle! Take your own grocery bags with you to the store, recycle your items at home, including your electricals, and shop second-hand or at charity shops. You may also want to swap and share clothes or belongings with friends and family members. Furthermore, consider a DIY approach instead of always buying new. You’ll save money, be helping the environment and if you scour auction houses for household items and furniture, you can keep your home in keeping with the era it was built.

4.    Use Green Products

You can live an eco-friendly lifestyle by using green products and staying away from those that have harmful or toxic ingredients. It can be anything from making your own cleaning supplies to using makeup and beauty products that are natural and environmentally friendly. It’s an excellent way to do your part, look and feel great, and take good care of your health and well-being. And if you have a cesspit (many older country properties do), eco friendly products are a must to keep your cesspit working properly.


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