4 ways to save money and go green with clothing

Many of my clothes come from charity shops, but if you can’t find something you like and you’re a green and ethical gal on a budget what are your options?

There are times when I need to look smart for work and for meeting clients so today I’m sharing my four tips for looking good with your eco credentials in tact.

Save up and spend

I feel that green living isn’t all about hemp shirts and bamboo socks. Sometimes it’s about avoiding mistakes and buying something that will last; something timeless, classic and great quality that you love. Therefore it might shock you to hear me say that I do support designers! (especially British ones). If you shop in the sales you can get some fantastic bargains and the cut and style will be so flattering your cost per wear, and desire to buy new, will plummet.


If you’re handy with a needle and thread what better way to wear unique one-off clothing than to alter and embellish yourself? You can buy old jumpers from the charity shop to unravel, then knit the yarn into new garments or get busy with patches, laces and beading to create a stunning item. YouTube and video jug have some great tutorials if you’re a beginner or why not check out your local Stitch ‘n’ bitch club.


Swapping clothes is the new shopping and swishing parties are taking place across the globe! All you need to do is gather together some like-minded friends; bring your unloved clothes, share a few nibbles and start swapping! It’s a fantastic way to update your wardrobe and minimise your own clutter. You can put ground rules in place first such as quality of items or how many you can swap and why stop at clothes; get the men swapping tools and the kids swapping toys and books …


Sometimes using vouchers is the best way to grab a bargain and there are plenty of choices online. MyVoucherCodes is one company I’ve tried, they even have an app which makes shopping on the high street a breeze. They currently have some Marks and Spencer Voucher Codes who I’m a great fan of for every day essentials such as underwear. Marks and Spencers have some great environmental policies including sustainability, waste and climate change.

What about you – how do you dress yourself up the green and frugal way?


  1. Jennifer on October 27, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    I never thought of the swapping thing. I need to make more friends. 🙂
    And learn how to sew. Until then, I’m wearing clothes from 2001 that I bought at a charity shop I used to work in. (Not that I have a problem with that. I look fabulous!)
    I only bought 2 pair of maternity shorts and one pair of pants (to wear out in public) and found the rest of the pregnancy was much more comfortable not wearing much of anything at all! It’s summer here and hot as hell, so it worked out. 🙂 Good thing, huh?

  2. Jamie on October 29, 2012 at 9:48 am

    I do find that shopping ethically from second hand stores or car boot sales can be a great money saver. I try and use vouchers as often as i can as well, every penny makes a difference!