Climate change – “We’re not done yet” say Greenpeace

climate-change1I’ve just had an email from Greenpeace. They’ve worded it so well I’m going to take the liberty of copying and pasting it here; I’m just too pooped, disappointed and sad to try and even get my head around how I feel right now. I’m not even angry yet, I just feel let down and defeated.

Let me know what you think in the comments and what you think we should do to demand a change for our future.

No treaty to protect the climate

It’s been a long and heart-breaking night. The climate summit in Copenhagen has finished without a treaty to protect the climate. It’s not fair, not ambitious and not legally binding. It’s not done yet. Neither are we.

But first I need your help to spread the truth about the climate summit and help change the future.

Rise in global warming

World leaders left the climate summit last night without agreeing to the cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that science demands. That means we could see average global temperature rises above 2 degrees Centigrade and the worst impacts of climate change. They’re putting our future at risk.

Spread the news on Twitter or change your Facebook status and help tell the world that leaders are NOT DONE YET.

We cannot let political leaders forsake the future of the planet.

Not fair, ambitious or legally binding

They will try to spin this as a success – together we can make sure that doesn’t happen and force them to finish the job they started. If the world knows that leaders have not finished the job, there is still a chance to get a treaty that is fair, ambitious and legally binding.

Please take a couple minutes for the planet and change your Facebook status, Twitter, text your friends – tell as many people as you can that the job is “not done yet”.

Together we can change the future.

PS. Next week we will need your help again to put pressure on the key countries that blocked progress at the climate summit, but for now please help spread the truth – job not done.

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  1. Mr Green on December 19, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    This is the sadest state of affairs, that unfortunately is all too predictable. The developing nations, like China want an open road to expand their industry. Just like we have been doing here in the west since the industrial revolution.

    They see no reason why they have to be capped and penalised for the decades of excess and greed that we have enjoyed for too long. Why should they pay for our pollution policies, just as they are reaching the point of growth?

    They have a point … We should have been preventing excess pollution decades ago. Now the devil is out of the cage and we can’t catch him or stop the relentless need for consumerism.

    And who is it that fulfills China’s greatest market for expansion? Yes, it’s us in the west who blindly demand more and more cheap goods and lower prices from retailers. We give them the reason to expand and take over the pole position of pollution leaders, so that we can consume.

    Don’t be under any illusion that China provides tha vast proportion of consumer goods in our high street. Whether it’s that small item from the pound shop, the Morphy Richards iron, or the Disney toy that cost so much. Check the label and you’ll see where it was made.

    So again, we need to look at our own reflection to see who really has mud on their face. We are all caught up in an unholy alliance of consumer trade that serves only the human epidemic of greed and lust for self interest.