How To Easily Recycle Old Mobile Phones

how to recycle your mobile phone


There is no denying that new technology in the smartphone sector is allowing advances at a remarkable rate. While previous iterations of mobile phones were built to last, these days, many users note that once you pass the initial two-year period, phone quality drops before shortly making it obsolete. While you can ascertain this is due to constant usage, the push to constantly upgrade to the newest and latest devices is immense.

You only have to look at the newest iPhone, for example, to see the changes they are making to how their drives work to allow for a new and smoother user experience. While improved battery capacity and cameras are welcome additions, changes such as using HEIC for files can create many problems as this format isn’t compatible with many other apps or devices. This necessitates the need for tutorials on heic to jpg and other processes to allow you to understand and effectively apply the new changes being introduced and potentially having to upgrade other devices to accommodate these changes.

The Problem of E-Waste and Recycling Mobile Phones

E-waste is quickly becoming a massively problematic waste in the world. In the US alone, it is thought that over 16 billion pounds of e-waste are discarded every year. Aside from the excessive amounts of waste, the harm this presents to the environment can be massive.

Recycling your old mobile phone can help you reduce your impact on the growing problem of e-waste around the world.

Buy Refurbished

Refurbished phones are an excellent way to purchase a phone for less money. The bodywork is restored of any damage, and the software is checked for any issues, and the memory cleared, so they are safe and you get a lot more for your money.

Ask Your Provider

If you upgrade on a mobile phone contract, then asking your provider or retail outlet if they offer a trade-in service can be one way of making sure your phone is used for good.

Sell It

Choose a second-hand store or sell privately to avoid the possibility of your phone going to a landfill. This allows other people the chance to purchase your mobile phone and make use of the device to extend its life period. Remember to completely wipe your device of all data and details to avoid exposing your personal information to others.

Donate It

Ask your local charity shops or organizations if they accept mobile phones. They will either refurbish the phone or recycle it. Either way, you are benefiting the local community.

Local Recycling

Many local recycling centers provide a drop off point for unwanted or broken devices, so they are then broken down and recycled as much as possible. Mobile phones use many dangerous materials such as mercury, cadmium, or lead so it’s vital they don’t end up in landfill. An efficient recycling process can help to avoid these materials being wasted.