Living in a non violent way

community lifeOnce upon a time I yearned for a community of like-minded people.

I wanted somewhere to ‘belong’ where my lifestyle choices weren’t viewed as ‘fringe activities’.

I wanted to be able to partake in meaningful conversations about the environment, natural health, gentle parenting and to be with people who lived in a non violent way.

After ten years or so of seeking this and failing I became disillusioned and became very self contained. I decided I didn’t need anyone, could manage on my own and that I was, indeed an island.

Fortunately my mind is rather more balanced on these ideas now and my perfect life would probably involve my own home, with my own front door, but within a small village of kindred spirits.

This week I watched an amazing film that bought all these feelings to the surface again. By the end of it I was ready to pack my bags and find a new life. It’s rare to find such an uplifting and insightful film.

“A New We”  is a documentary film by filmmaker Stefan Wolf, which explores 10 ecovillages and eco-communities around Europe.

You’ll meet communities of 30 people and villages of 1000. You’ll find different spiritual beliefs and different levels of self sufficiency, but the overriding theme that all these communities are based on are of tolerance, compassion, co-operation and a desire to live in harmony with the environment.

You’ll learn how these communities are organised, what decision making processes are used, how they finance themselves and whether or not they have on-site schools.

The film is a fascinating insight into the lives of people living extraordinary lives and shows how tolerance is the key to success.

The people behind the film helped voluntarily, because they saw the potential and the value of this film for humankind. The message of this film needs to be spread all across the world so that we can all live a peaceful and sustainable life. You can help by getting hold of a copy of the film and writing a review, hosting a screening in your local town or becoming a reseller.

If you’re looking for an inspiring gift for someone this Christmas, you won’t go far wrong with A New We. Purchase it from their site and sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date with their latest work.