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kidsIt’s the time of the week where I get to share the link love with fabulous people across the internet.

All the stories I link to share some of the values or topics of our site.

You might find a story about reducing water consumption, green parenting, organic gardening, how to utilise the power of your mind, and you’ll find stories to inspire and uplift you.

A heart warmer

I met Kasey through twitter and I knew she was a very special person with a huge capacity to love.

This week however, she stunned me with a story of love and compassion. Her niece died, leaving her two sons to live with Kassey’s brother. One of the boys, Joe, has not been doing too well, and is going to go and live with Kasey.

I hope you will all join me in wishing Joe and Kasey well on their journey, as she nurtures, nourishes and guides him through life.

Go and find out more with her “Hoping to make a difference in one child’s life” post.

bite sized information

This week, we had a couple of old cd cases to get rid of.

The discs themselves had long gone, but we were wondering how to dispose of the plastic containers.

According to Ideal bite, if 10,000 people download an album instead of buying the CD, we’ll avert the weight of a small car in plastic production!

There are heaps of bite-sized tips and nuggets of information over on the fabulous Ideal Bite website to keep you entertained for hours. Why not subscribe to their daily tip and go and have a browse?

Healthy packed lunches for kids

Over on the “What’s cooking” blog, Michelle has revisted one of her more popular posts this week just in time for the end of the school holidays.

She’s helping parents pack a healthy lunch box with her “Luring Kids into Eating Healthy School Lunches” post.

What I like about Michelle’s writing is that she doesn’t just give ideas of what to put into your child’s lunchbox, she really gets into the minds of kids. So you’ll find other tips such as making small, bite sized pieces so that the child has time to play as well, and being careful to use containers that children can easily open and close themselves.

Go and be inspired; your kids will thank you for it!


  1. Mr Green on August 23, 2009 at 9:43 am

    Hey Mrs Green, interesting roundup! Those pesky cd/dvd wrappings are so over the top and never marked for their type of plastic. It’s as if the producers just don’t expect anyone to recycle them.

    So a break from the LED stories today, although I’ll be back on track with that one next week

  2. Mrs Green on September 2, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    @Mr Green: Hey Mr G; well, we saw on a documentary the other day didn’t we, that some artists insist on just cardboard sleeves for their cds; so things are moving in the right direction !