‘Rescue the Rainforest’ with Tropicana and Cool Earth

save-the-rainforest-with-tropicanaWe all know how bad rainforest destruction is. Not only is it bad for the people living there, the wildlife and the habitat, but rainforest destruction sends vast amounts of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere with are a trigger for global warming.

Rainforests are being cleared at an alarming rate. On average, an area roughly the size of Los Angeles disappears every month.

Save the rainforest

In a bid to do their bit for climate change,  Tropicana, has partnered with Cool Earth, to offer consumers the opportunity rescue the rainforest.

During 2009, specially marked packages of Tropicana Pure Premium and Trop50 products will carry a code that consumers can enter online at Tropicana Rainforest. For each code entered, 100 square feet of rainforest will be saved!

There is no limit to how many codes you can enter and if you register you can watch the area of rainforest being saved by Cool Earth grow.

[amazon-product small=”1″]140531530X[/amazon-product]Tropicana

Tropicana, one of the nation’s favourite brands of fruit juice,  have taken many steps to decrease its impact on the environment through efforts such as turning discarded orange peels into cattle feed, using renewable energy, certifying its carbon footprint with the Carbon Trust and launching recycling initiatives.

Cool Earth

Cool Earth is an international trust to protect the rainforest. The organization’s goal is to allow companies, individuals, families, schools, and churches to “own” and protect part of the world’s rainforests. To date, Cool Earth has protected 40,000 acres of endangered rainforest.

What about you? Will you look out for the special cartons so that you can do your bit? Or is there a better way to save the rainforests?


  1. Kaholder on December 7, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Here is a code from my carton, if someone wants to try. I didn’t want to go through their registration.


  2. Reika on December 18, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    here are my two codes so far…. my registration didt work either