Three green stories

windowboxIt’s that time of the week where I get to share three great stories from around the world.

Each one will be to do with a greener lifestyle, supporting the environment, natural health and wellness or mind power and spiritual living.

Prepare, don’t scare

In this excellent article, some Dos and Don’ts about educating children about the environment are listed.

When Little miss Green was at school, I remember the Head Teacher saying that many of the older children were very concerned and scared about their future. They are given too many overwhelming facts about climate change and feel unable to do anything about it.

I think that is a fine point, and one which we should keep in mind when talking to our children about serious issues. We need to balance the facts with a positive attitude that we can do something.

As an adult it is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless, so imagine what it is like for a child. To find out more read “Are kids over exposed to eco fears?”

Green gift for a non green host

It’s a challenge sometimes to stick to your values and ethics, without appearing preachy to others.

Over on Renest, the question is asked about presenting a ‘green’ gift to a host who isn’t motivated by environmental issues.

There are some great answers, so why not take a look and add some of your own?

I love the idea of a ‘non item’ gift such as offering to babysit or wash up so that they can relax.

Read more on “Green gift for a non-green host“.

Grow veg on your ledge

According to the National Trust, there are over 600 acres of growing space available on window sills in the UK!

In their campaign to dispel the myth that you cannot grow your own food in a flat, the National Trust share their list of top five vegetables to grow in a window box along with tips to get the most from your urban garden.

It’s well worth a read and very inspiring. I love this article as it follows my belief that you don’t need to have a garden to grow your own food!


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