Three green stories

batteriesIt’s the time of the week where I share the link love!

All of the stories chosen will help you go greener in some way – perhaps you’ll learn how to reuse something, reduce your carbon footprint, conserve water or take care of your health, naturally.

Green your cat

I’m talking eco friendly cats. Cats are pretty eco friendly creatures anyway; it’s our insistence on making them domestic animals that screws up their eco friendly credentials.

Left wild a cat, along with any other animal, is as eco friendly as they come.

Our beloved cat was fed a BARF diet as much as possible, never had any medication apart from natural herbs and remedies and didn’t have a litter tray, but how can you raise an indoor at the green way?

Find out with “Top 5: Green things for your cat“.

Carbon neutral batteries?

Can an ‘eco battery’ exist? Here at Chez Green, we use rechargeable batteries. Every year in the UK, householders bin 700 million batteries weighing 19,000 tonnes.

However, at the end of their useful life, batteries, whether they are rechargeable or not, contain metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury which need to be responsibly dealt with.

Venom Power Eco Alkaline™ batteries contain no Mercury, Cadmium or Lead and are certified carbon neutral. Venom’s Power Eco batteries will be available throughout the US towards the end of this year and hopefully it won’t be too long before they reach the UK!

Are 100% recycled paper products eco friendly?

Over on Re-Nest, one reader has asked about the eco credentials of recycled paper goods such as napkins and paper towel.

He doesn’t want to have to wash cloth napkins, so buys recycled napkins. Is his choice harming the environment or is there a better way?

Find out what people have been saying with “Are paper napkins and towels so bad, even if they’re 100% recycled?

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  1. Tony Everitt on November 22, 2009 at 9:20 am

    Well carbon neutral batteries would be handy but what about the world’s 1sr carbon neutral country? See my blog