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transformational-eco-friendly-jewelleryI was fortunate enough to come across Transformational jewelry this week.

As the name might suggest, Payson Cooper, is passionate about helping us to transform our lives.

She incorporates the energy and wisdom of some of the leading motivational and transformational leaders of our time into an eco friendly jewellery collection.

Each piece from the transformational jewelry collection is imbued with an inspirational message to remind the wearer and others to connect with their own intentions. 

Gratitude and love[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]1847375278[/amazon-product]

Among the many choices, the line includes “Gratitude”, “Love”, “Expect Miracles”, “Live With Passion” and “Abundance” – which can support the wearer in focusing their mind with intense clarity.

Eco friendly

Each handmade piece is socially responsible and made  with eco-friendly metals and processes.

Transformation jewelry are dedicated to maintaining green jewellery and green business practices, keeping their collections Eco-Friendly, environmentally conscious and Green in every way possible.

This includes using recycled packaging as well as US and local made supplies and services.


What better time to celebrate our environmental heritage and commitment to the future, than now?

Let Transformational Jewelry help uplift, inspire and transform your life this Earth Day – with 25% off.

Simply quote EarthDay25 to enjoy your discount.

What about you? Have you worn ethical jewellery? Which companies do you support?

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  1. Gilroy Fernandez on May 18, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    Hey, I heard about a new jewelry company that is launched and have a lot less expensiveness prices then Green Karat. You can check their website http://www.GreenORO.com and find lot of green jewelry pieces that are alike green karat but at very competitive rates. They specialize in green wedding bands and non-conflict diamond rings. The company is as green, environmentally and socially conscious, as a jeweler can be and unique thing is that they are offering three very exciting features which no one is offering right now.

    1- Green Box Program
    2- One Tree & One Ring a Time
    3- Make Your Own ORO Ring
    4- ORO Certificate of Authenticity [ Each ring you buy from http://www.GreenOro.com carries a Unique Tag Number ]

    The head of the company is Shimon Farkas and you can see how extensive her background is in all things green at her current website. http://www.GreenOro.com, He & his family is in jewelry business for three generations and featured on the ABC Morning News and New York Fashion Show. Shimon Farkas is the prime manufacturer of green jewelry all in house and nothing is outsourced to any third party that gives him leverage to cut down his cost and share it with the customers and also with assurance he is offering ORO Certificate of Authenticity with each ring.

    The aim is to make the pieces extremely affordable AND eco-friendly. Should be a really innovative website too, you can also ask for any Custom Design and that can be made within a matter of few weeks.

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