How to be fabulous!

inspired to be fabulous by karen davisLast month I came across a great website hosted by Karen Davis called “Be Fabulous“.

The site, launched in January 2009 was created for women to bridge the gap between social and business networking. What I love about the site is it has an element of ‘fabulousness’ about it!

You can find things to do, read great articles and also find discounts from other small businesses. It’s a fantastic way of supporting the growing market of women running their own businesses, as well as getting offers from well known brands and companies.

Be Fabulous brings women together to support, counsel, inspire, applaud, motivate and encourage – all the things we need every day but don’t always have access to.

Above all Karen wanted somewhere that would celebrate women, giving them a space to share and support each other both personally and in business. And to remind ourselves that we are indeed fabulous, each of us, in our own way!

Karen has worked in marketing since she was 17. Six years ago she decided to take the plunge and set up her own consultancy which she still runs on a day to day basis.

It took the death of her mother (after a long battle with Breast Cancer) to find the courage to go it alone. Although she finds it scary working for herself, Karen has never looked back. She feels grateful that from such sadness she’s found some real peace and happiness in her life. Her happiness was completed a couple of years ago when her son Max came along.

It’s tough running two businesses and running around after a toddler but Karen wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why not check out her site and discover how much more fabulous you can become!