Ethical Consumerism

The one rule for buying anything ethically

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One of the most important aspects of an environmentally friendly lifestyle I’ve learned, is to be conscious about the things we buy and to separate our wants from our needs. As I frequently say, the most ‘green’ purchase is no purchase at all!

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How to choose a green ISP

You’re recycling, watching how much electricity you use and supporting fairtrade wherever you can. But did you know there are green and energy saving options for your broadband service too? Today we share some of the top ‘green’ internet service providers.

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Ethical consumerism – how to vote with your money

Are you confused about the complex issues surrounding ‘ethical’ consumerism? Unsure which brands to support and which ones to boycott? Do you know which brands use greenwashing and which ones support human rights? Here are three tools to help you make a responsible choice.

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