The one rule for buying anything ethically

opinel nomad cooking kit boxOne of the most important aspects of an environmentally friendly lifestyle I’ve learned, is to be conscious about the things we buy and to separate our wants from our needs.

As I frequently say, the most ‘green’ purchase is no purchase at all!

But of course we all need to buy ‘stuff’ and the second most eco friendly way to shop is with buying things you love, you need and that are designed to last. It’s worth spending time seeking out the best you can afford. And this doesn’t always mean buying the most expensive thing. Indeed, several things that have stood the test of time in our household were absolute bargains such as my slow cooker (£20 from Aldi) and my dehydrator (£30 from some online shop that is now out of business).

At other times you do need to vote with your money and save up for something that will last for a long time.

My daughter is an outdoor girl and loves nothing more than being in nature. With spring temperatures reaching a rather lovely 16 degrees this week she’s been itching to get outdoors. And it got me thinking to the whole subject around buying things that last.

When you’re outdoors it can be tempting to buy cheap things or things that are designed to give you a quick fix, but we’ve, (hopefully) installed in our daughter, a sense of making a good choice and buying for longevity. My husband, for example, still wears the coat he bought over 30 years ago when he went mountain climbing in Switzerland. We’ve bought an amazing air bed for camping because I know that unless I’m comfortable at night time I won’t even go camping, so anything else we buy will be a complete waste. We’ve bought my daughter a refillable Zippo lighter to save her having to buy numerous disposable ones and a Leatherman Wingman multi tool. And recently I got hold of this beautiful Nomad cooking kit from Opinel.

I can’t begin to tell you the thought and time that has gone into every detail of this kit. It’s compact, it provides everything you need for an impromptu camping trip or picnic and my goodness the quality is amazing. I’ve used some lousy knives in my time and this is a revelation! I’ve actually squirrelled these away to use myself in the kitchen on a daily basis because I love them so much. So how’s that for value for money and for making full use of a product!? The kit comes with a serrated knife, paring knife, corkscrew (they think of everything, right?!) and peeler along with a small beech cutting board and microfiber cloth to wrap it in. What I love is that each tool is locking, for full safety and the cloth not only keeps everything together but can be used in its own right as a mini tablecloth or to dry things.

What about you? What things do you have in your home that have stood the test of time?

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