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4 ways to have a healthy winter this year

stay healthy with plenty of rest

  I don’t know about you, but I felt like autumn arrived this morning! It’s only the middle of August, yet the nights are getting darker, earlier and temperatures are already dropping. After the past 18 months, which none of us could ever imagine would happen, it’s important to move into the winter months feeling…

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Can Your Garden Be Good For Your Mental Health?

gardening good for mental health

Creating and tending a beautiful garden has many benefits – from getting in your daily allocation of Vitamin C, to producing your own home-grown vegetables and herbs, and even creating a space to share time with friends and family, but it can also give your mental health a huge boost. Whether you just have a…

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Facing Down Someday

Do you find exercise fun? For those of you who don’t, Jen is here to show you HOW to make it fun. She’s also got a profound question to ask you that might just help you find all the motivation you need…

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Yarrow – a natural remedy for fevers in children

There’s nothing worse than seeing our children ill and a high fever can be one of the most terrifying things. It tests even the most ‘natural parents’ to trust in natural healing because there can be worrying side effects from a high fever. Thankfully Mother Nature is on hand, providing all we need for great…

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Five natural ways to cure Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD

In Northern Europe, around 12 million people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Symptoms range from mild such as feeling a little depressed, poor concentration and lethargy to full blown depression, chronic fatigue and even suicidal thoughts. I’ve had SAD for the past ten years and finally, after a few years tweaking my regime I’ve…

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