Calendula ointment for the natural medicine kit

calendula herb soothing for skinCalendula ointment is a number one ‘must have’ for the natural first aid kit.

It’s soothing, healing and calming and is gentle enough to use on children. Unfortunately many unscrupulous companies mix calendula with all sorts of chemical nasties and still call their products ‘natural’ or claim they ‘contain natural plant extracts’.

Thankfully there are many companies who care enough to make safe, effective and truly natural products.

This week I came across Kiwiherb Calendula Ointment which contains just organic Calendula flowers, organic sunflower oil and beeswax. Three basic ingredients, combined to make one great product and just the sort of things your Grandmother would have used!

Calendula has a gentle, soothing action on the skin and is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

If you get bitten, have minor cuts or grazes, end up with minor rashes or allergies; or even if your skin gets dry and chapped, calendula is one of those ‘cure all’ wonder herbs for the skin.

Gentle enough for use on eczema and powerful enough to soothe psoriasis, you can even use kiwiherb’s calendula on your lips!

Hopefully you won’t get sunburned, but calendula can help soothe and heal the skin after burning too.

Kiwiherb Organic Calendula Ointment retails for £6.89 for 30gm. Check out the kiwiherb website for further information about their range of truly natural products.