Exclusive reduction for readers on natural beauty products

When I was pregnant with Little Miss Green, I learned that up to 60% of the products you put on your skin can end up in your bloodstream.

It was this startling fact that set me on the search for safer, less toxic but effective products.

I didn’t find many brands that satisfied the criteria I was looking for, but thankfully things have changed with more and more companies stepping up to natural beauty products.

This week I was contacted by Rob Bentley, a Miessence Independent Representative. He has set up MiNaturals  to promote and sell some of the purest natural, organic products I’ve come across.

The company use a local green energy provider and are a carbon neutral company which is impressive, but are the products as effective as their green credentials?

Natural toothpaste

One of the things I’ve been looking for, which has been extremely hard to find, has been a toothpaste I’m happy with. I have a strange list of things I do NOT want in the product:

Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame

Finding such a product has been an eternal quest, but Rob sent me some lemon toothpaste; a HUGE tube of it that matched my criteria perfectly. It’s ‘different’ to use, but not unpleasant. It’s effective and scores 10/10 for taste and effectiveness. Sweetened with stevia, Mr Green describes it like eating lemon cheesecake for breakfast!

Non toxic facial serum

This time of year my skin gets drier which is why I couldn’t wait to try the facial serum. This product contains jojoba, avocado and rosehip oils to revitalise the skin. In the autumn my skin gets particularly dry because of the wind outside and heated homes and buildings. This serum is a beautiful product, delicately scented with rose and geranium oils which gets instantly absorbed by the skin.

Natural hair protection

As well as my skin, my hair tends to suffer this time of year. Rob sent me his hair repair which you spray on the hair after towel drying. I don’t like heavy conditioners as they weigh down my fine hair; this product combs through then protects your hair from heating appliances and the weather. Containing beautiful herbs and oils such as horsetail, sage and sweet orange it protects the hair without making it heavy or greasy and it’s so simple to use

The products arrived in a cardboard box packed with wheat & potato starch pellets which can be composted at home. Although the packaging for the products is plastic Miessence have put a lot of thought into this and decided that a non-toxic polypropylene has less of a negative impact on the environment than using glass packaging.

I admit to being very fussy about the brands I will use on my skin and hair. I am notoriously tough on products and can’t stand anything that is over-scented or complicated to use. I lead a busy lifestyle and expect my products to work hard. The goodies I received from Rob impressed me greatly and I’ll be using them in the future.

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What about you – have you used Miessence products and what do you think of them?