Pai natural skincare

avocado_jojobaWhen it comes to my beauty routine, I’m a pretty simple gal.

I use clay on my face and a little jojoba oil but who doesn’t love a pampering product too?As it’s been years since I bought an ‘off the shelf’ product I suppose my skin has become more sensitive. It’s amazing what our body’s can get used to if we continue to abuse them and how they heal once we stop the onslaught of toxic chemicals…

Pai Skincare is a certified organic skincare range formulated with sensitive and allergy-prone skin in mind. They sent me some of their “Avocado and jojoba hydrating day cream” to try and I was pretty excited.

For starters I love both jojoba and avocado. I have these base oils at home and use them for massage.

The Pai range of products are made from the purest plant extracts and are completely free of chemicals and irritants. None of their products or ingredients are animal-tested, and their creams are vegan friendly; which is fantastic – it’s difficult to find a brand that ticks all the eco boxes.

After bathing, even though I don’t use any products alot of the time, the skin on my face can feel quite tight. This is due to the hardness of our water. I apply a few drops of jojoba oil and that soothes things, but it’s not ideal for daytime as it’s a bit oily.

The hydrating day cream uses May Chang and Jasmine as a fragrance. I’m always concerned about fragrances because I’m so sensitive to smells. Fortunately this has a subtle scent which I really like and doesn’t linger for too long.

So what’s it like to use? For starters and I know I shouldn’t be so shallow, but I love the packaging! It looks so stylish in my bathroom because it’s a glass bottle. This scores a big thumbs up from me because I can recycle it easily too.

The cream goes a long way – you only need to use a tiny amount and my skin just drinks it up. Whereas the jojoba oil sits on the surface of my skin for a long time, this cream disappears leaving my face feeling smooth and pampered.

The hydrating cream almost has a cooling, soothing effect when applied which I love the feel of and the smell is fine – something I was really worried about.

Would I recommend this cream? I would in a heartbeat. If your skin is particularly sensitive then the camomile and rosehip organic moisturiser for sensitive skin might work even better for you.

Have you ever tried a Pai Skincare product?