Reduce fine lines in 4 weeks with Barefoot Botanicals

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rosa fina face and decolletage oilI’m not one for hyped-up claims when it comes to beauty products.

But when a product has been proven by scientists to reduce fine lines in 4 weeks, how can I resist?

Especially when that product is by leading natural skincare company Barefoot-botanicals.

Their Rosa Fina face and decolletage oil is easily absorbed (nothing worse than a heavy, greasy feel on your skin) and smells divine. It is lighter than light when applied which prevents any dragging across the skin and means it is suitable for oily skin as well as dry.

The oil contains a high concentration (30% minimum) of rosa mosqueta which is packed full of omega 3 and 6 to keep skin looking youthful and healthy. It also contains healing calendula oil, sea buckthorn which can help repair skin against sun damage and lavender and frankincense essential oils to mourish and tone.

The product is great for tired skin, which makes it a lovely product for this time of year when our skin gets the onslaught of indoor heating and cold winds outside! It’s also perfect for summer days when the sun can take its toll or before a sauna as a luxurious treat.

It might seem expensive (£26.95 for 15 mls) but you really do get what you pay for. I have sensitive skin and I had no reaction at all using this product; the oil glided on and was absorbed straight away, leaving only a soft, dewy appearance.

It’s not all about vanity though. These amazing ingredients offer much-needed solution to scars and makes this oil the perfect product to have on hand post surgery (or indeed, post baby!). Keep some in the cupboard for when your little ones get chicken pox to fade the scars.

Many products that claim to do wondrous things to slow down ageing, do so by using harsh, toxic ingredients. Not so with this product – all ingredients are natural and it’s even won the prestigious “Green Beauty Bible awards”. One enthusiastic user reports that her skin looks like she has had botox since using this product!

To get back to the scientific claims: Recent trials at the Cosmetic Science Laboratory at London University found that fine lines were reduced by 20% in just 4 weeks. Skin firmness and elasticity showed significant improvement too.

To use Rosa Fina Fce and Decolletage oil, warm a few drops in your hands then glide over the face, neck and chest every evening.

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