The First Harmonised Standard For Organic Health And Beauty

organic beauty standard from soil associationAs more of us are aware of the health and environmental benefits of using organic products in our homes and on our bodies, UK sales of organic health and beauty products are increasing rapidly. Last year, sales increased by 69% to £27 million.

However, there is no legal definition as to what constitutes an ‘organic’ beauty  product. A company can label or describe a product as organic even if they only contain tiny amounts of organic ingredients; which is misleading and confusing for consumers.

Organic beauty products

The good news is The Soil Association has just announced a new EU-wide, harmonised standard for organic health and beauty products!

This is the first common standard in the world that will ensure clarity and transparency for both consumers and the trade.


The new ‘COSMOS-standard’, which also covers the regulation of ‘natural’ cosmetics, is a result of six years work in collaboration with five European organisations:

Soil Association (UK)
BDIH (Germany),
BIOFORUM (Belgium),
COSMEBIO & ECOCERT (France), and
ICEA (Italy)

Organic standards

Current organic brands will have a 3-year transition period if they need to alter  formulations and labelling. Any new organic brands will have to adhere to these new standards immediately.

The advice is simple then – if you want to buy a quality, organic health or beauty
product look for the soil Association or any of the other certification marks involved in the COSMOS scheme to know that your product is independently verified to strict organic standards.