The perfect organic mascara is here!

makeup-mascaraI can’t tell you how happy I am to have FINALLY discovered the perfect mascara!

I’ve been on the search for years and have tried everything from a £2.99 special to a top of the range boutique option.

In all my years I have never found anything that I’ve been happy with.

But my search is over and what’s even more exciting is the brand I have found is organic.

Based in Suffolk, England, Essential Care are a small family team who have been on a mission to make the purest skincare on earth since 2003.

Their philosophy is simple: All ingredients must have therapeutic value, as well as making the product a joy to use. They use herbs and essential oils in therapeutic concentrations and plant oils must be virgin and cold-pressed. In addition their products are free from all potentially unhealthy synthetic chemicals.

Essential Care support fair trade, natural farming methods and have an active commitment to the care of the environment.

All the ingredients they use, except for the emulsifier beeswax, are plant-derived. Their products are tested on a panel of willing human volunteers and NEVER on animals and they ensure that their raw materials suppliers follow the same policy.

Back to the mascara. I have sensitive eyes but I have been getting more and more fed up of mascara that simply won’t go on properly or look good. Most of the brands I have tried are clumpy or end up flaking after a while. AND they smell *really* bad!

The Essential Care brand glides on, my lashes separate well but it doesn’t look artificial. For some the difference might not be quite noticeable enough, but for me, who only wears minimal make up, the look is perfect – I couldn’t be happier.

There is NO irritation, no drying or flaking and it stays looking good pretty much all day. It smells faintly of essential oils; even though they claim not to use them in their make up products, so I’m not sure what the smell is – all I know is it’s a pleasant change from all other mascaras I have ever used. Initially I was sceptical of putting this close to my eyes, but I didn’t have any problems with it.

The mascara contains 88% organic ingredients and is one of the first mascaras to be certified by the Soil Association standards.

At £17.50 for 7mls, it’s not cheap but it delivers top results. Many top of the range brands cost more than this and they are not organic. Plus they use solvents, fibres and plasticisers which aren’t kind to your eyes.

This product gets a huge thumbs up from me.

What about you – have you found a great natural makeup brand?