Toiletries with nothing nasty in them

nothing nasty pure, organic toiletriesCongratulations to Elin from one of my favourite companies “nothing Nasty” who has won an award recently!

Elin’s Nothing Nasty products contain exactly what they say – no toxic or nasty ingredients!

Her products are pure, natural and organic, using the minimum amount of ingredients to produce effective results.

Her “Big belly” oil, containing calendula, rose and chamomile was voted “best of the best” in a test by independent midwife, Sharon Trotter. Testers used their big belly oil on their pregnant bellies and loved it! They said “as well as being light and easy to apply, this product ‘miraculously manages’ to be non-greasy. Nothing Nasty Big Belly Pregnancy Moisturiser soothes dry skin instantly, leaving mums-to-be feeling relaxed and silky smooth.”

Nothing nasty were also featured in the Sunday mirror in an article about ‘bunny friendly’ toiletries alongside some big names such as Dermalogic, L’Occitane and Paul Mitchell.
Nothing Nasty products are only tried and tested on family and friends; certainly not animals.

Elin’s honey and vanilla lipbalm is receiving rave reviews too. If your lips are dry from the wind and central heating, why not give her luscious lip balm a try?

I know Elin works with integrity and passion, so it’s great to see her being recognised for all the work she does and her products being appreciated by the media.