Voya: organic seaweed beauty products

As you know, I get pretty excited when I hear about companies making natural, safe and organic beauty products.

I’m a pretty low maintenance gal, but occasionally I like to treat myself to luxury products. Many of my friends visit spas or beauty therapists; neither of which is within my budget, so I like to indulge a little at home.

Voya is an Irish, family owned business which focuses on creating products so you can enjoy the spa treatment in your own bathroom.

Their magic ingredient is hand harvested, certified organic, local seaweed. I don’t know about you, but taking in a lung full of seaweed infused sea air feels like it could cure anything; it’s invigorating, cleansing and makes you feel grounded.

Organic seaweed

Seaweed baths are a 300 year old tradition and Voya work with cosmetic scientists, marine biologists and dermatologists to ensure their products are good for you and the environment. As such, Voya are first in the world to develop organic seaweed-based skincare.

I’m cautious of companies who use natural ingredients as much as those who use petrochemical ingredients because I’m concerned that greed can get in the way of environmental concern. Fortunately Voya has pioneered new methods of sustainable harvesting which limits environmental impact and as such have been adopted as the benchmark of good practices in Ireland.

Natural antioxidants

Seaweeds contain substances that are strong antioxidants and can protect against cell damage which is why they are useful in skincare products. If you’ve ever eaten it you’ll know that seaweed is packed with vitamins and trace minerals. When you consider a percentage of what goes onto your skin ends up in your bloodstream it’s as important to know what you’re putting ON your body as putting IN it.

Their Cast Away product is a spa inspired organic facial wash. It contains algae to wash away make up and pollutants whist leaving your skin soft instead of stripped of oil.

Spa inspired

Using seaweed as an ingredient helps balance the skins natural pH balance which means you don’t necessarily need a moisturiser afterwards.

Have you ever experienced that horrible tight feeling across your face after cleansing? Often this is caused by harsh ingredients that are too astringent for your skin. Maybe you need to pay a little more for a product like Voya, but if you don’t need to use a moisturiser afterwards you’re saving money in the long run. Not only that but you’re saving your skin from being treated too harshly which can lead to future problems.

What about you; do you have a favourite facial cleanser? Something organic, local or even home made that works for you?