Change the world Wednesday – week 3

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Bird box made from old recycled woodWell after a not very successful week with giving up disposable paper kitchen towel, I’m quietly confident about this weeks ‘Change the world Wednesday’ challenge!

We’ve been challenged, over at Reduce Footprints to do an environmentally friendly activity with our children (or grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbours, friends kids …. it’s always easy to borrow children if you don’t have any of your own!)

I’ve been thinking about this and realised that I really won’t need to do anything at all, as Little Miss green is a natural eco babe! So now you can indulge me in a proud Green mama moment while I think back over the past year at some of the environmentally friendly things my beautiful earth daughter has done:

She’s an advocate for waste reduction. She gave up individual bags of crisps and buys one large bag each week which she decants and eats over seven days. This is her contribution to reducing our landfill waste.

She makes her own presents and cards for friends.

When she has finished with something – be it a book, item of clothing or toy she finds someone else to give it to. Either a friend or to a charity shop.

She planted a bee garden in the summer to help save the bees and rescued two injured ones and tried to nurse them back to health.

She picks up litter if we go out for walks (and doesn’t care when the other kids ridicule her).

She lets rip at me and Mr Green if we leave lights on, the oven light on or I don’t use the right sized saucepan on the hob!

She grows her own food, organically of course!

home grown organic potatoes

She knows the most important ingredient in home cooking is love.

She tightens the tap if it drips.

She claims she is never going to learn to drive and wants a horse and cart instead.

She makes new things out of old materials. (see bird box above made from old wood)

She fiercely protects trees.

protecting trees from damage

For her last Birthday she said no to party bags and donated the money to children in Africa so they could have something to eat.

I’m sure there is heaps more, but it’s so normal around here that I probably don’t realise half the eco friendly things she does! Maybe this week then, my challenge could be to be more observant of all the wonderful things she does to protect our planet and environment.

I’d love to know what environmentally friendly activity you are going to do with your children this week!


  1. Layla on September 24, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    Aww, she is so awesome!! 🙂

    Bless her!!

    I LOVE the Change the world Wednesday!! 🙂

    May have to think of something to do, in this spirit!! 🙂

    With no kiddies in tow, I may actually have to do something with the parents or such – or other people’s kiddies! 😉
    Well, we’ve been preserving mushrooms, not sure if any of it counts though? 😉
    And Dad wants to give off our old fridge to charity – it’s scaring me as I type, the occasional ‘airplane roaring’ etc! 🙂
    Bless him!

  2. Small Footprints on September 26, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    Wow … Little Miss Green is doing a fabulous, green job. Most adults could take a lesson from her.

    One of the things that I really like about this particular challenge is that it gives us the opportunity to hear about brilliant kids, like Miss Green. We don’t focus enough on the wonderful things they are doing. Hearing about her attitude and the projects she takes on gives me hope for our future.

    Thanks for writing about her … she’s truly inspiring!

  3. Mrs Green on September 28, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    @Layla: Hi Layla, I love all you are doing and sure it counts! I know you have spoken to younger people in the past and have encouraged them to think of the environment – that’s fab!

    @Small Footprints: Hi Small footprints, lovely to see you. I agree with you; we need to praise the things our children do – I am quick enough to tell her off if she does things I don’t approve of 🙁

    So this challenge has really helped me too – to look at the things she does objectively. Thank you for that inspiration and opportunity 🙂

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