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Inspired by autumn sunshine

Submitted by on Monday, 13 October 2008 Loading Add to favourites  2 Comments

Little Miss Green’s picture, inspired by Autumn.Little Miss Green and I have been doing some art inspired by our beautiful autumn walks last week. Now I’m a bit annoyed because I got this idea from a great blog, but now I can’t find it. I really want to give credit to it so that you can share some of the ideas too. So if you recognise the style, then please contact me and I’ll put up a link to your blog and give you credit for your inspiration!

It’s been an amazing week and I always find myself itching to get outdoors in the sun this time of year, much more than during the Summer. There is an essence of needing to make the most of every moment while the sky is blue and wispy clouds move across the horizon.

Last week I wanted to focus on our own beautiful village. With fuel prices increasing and me wanting to keep the car off the road more I realised we are just as guilty as others with driving to places when we have nature on our doorstep.

So we’ve been watching Mother Nature paint the leaves shades of brilliant yellow and red, feeding the birds in the garden and laughing at our engaging visitors, splashing in the brook in our wellies and collecting wood for winter. We’ve been making friends with sheep and horses, feeding the ducks, negotiating cattle grids and watching out for faeries in the water. All of this within a half mile radius of our home. What bliss!

We’ve been to a couple of nearby lakes too. I have a great need to be close to water at the moment. I don’t know what that is. I think the energy of the Universe right now is pretty off kilter and water grounds and nurtures me at such times. I love nothing more than watching the sunlight sparkle in the ripples; there is such magic in that.

What is your favourite aspect of autumn?


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  • I love autumn (and winter, spring and summer too!) but I particularly like foggy mornings – the stillness and the quiet. Not great for driving, for those who have cars, but that’s a plus – isn’t it?!

    I love Little Miss Green painting too – can’t help you with the blog though, sorry 😉

  • Mrs Green says:

    Hi Paul; I’m with you on the misty mornings; it’s like a blanket that silences the world. You can almost wrap yourself up in it.
    Thanks for you comment on the pic; I’ll tell LMG and she’ll be pleased 🙂