National Bug Busting Day – June 15th

get rid of head lice with natural treatmentsCampaigning to tackle the massive problem of head lice, June 15th 2010, is the Department of Health’s National Bug Busting Day.

On this day, families everywhere are encouraged to check their hair for traces of head lice and their nits.

It was only when Little Miss Green went to school that we had to contend with this issue. Thankfully, since she has been home educated, we’ve not had a problem.

Toxic chemicals

Unfortunately, many over-the-counter remedies for headlice contain toxic ingredients and pesticides. To put these onto your child’s hair can compromise their health and put their immune system under strain.

In addition, these harsh chemicals do nothing to prevent further outbreaks. If your child is in close contact with someone with head lice, they are going to get them again regardless of how often you treat their hair.

natural remedies

Fortunately, mother nature is on hand to help you get rid of head lice. Using natural ingredients such as neem oil, sesame oil and essential oils, we always managed to get rid of Little Miss Green’s headlice and her hair had a beautiful conditioning treatment at the same time!

Check out our effective, natural and safe headlice recipe and let me know what you think!