Six Creative recycling ideas for Mothers Day

mothers day recycled giftsIt will soon be Mother’s Day and what better way to celebrate than to give a gift to our Mothers while not taking from Mother earth?

If you’ve got young children, they love nothing more than to make something elaborate to show their appreciation.

Here are some craft ideas you can do with your pre school children to help them make something special from recycled materials. You might like to hint at Dad to get stuck in as a surprise for you, or perhaps you’re in charge of creating Mother’s Day gifts for a sister or Grandma!

Plastic bottles

Make a bird feeder from an old 2 litre plastic bottle.

All you need is some wire or string, bird seed and scissors. You’ll find simple instructions over on the RSPB website:


Old t-shirt

Fantastic, simple reusable items such as tote bags similar to those on can be made from an old t-shirt.

Simply cut off the arms and collar as shown then turn the shirt inside out and sew up the bottom hem. Turn the t-shirt right side out, and you’re ready to shop!


Cereal box

If you love to journal, here is an extra special way to upcycle old cereal boxes into a journal or scrap book:

Cut one side and the bottom off your cereal box to make the cover and decorate with pretty paper. Make pages from old paper bags, punch holes through the cover and pages and use string or raffia to tie it all together.

Jam Jars

This is a great way to make Mum smile every time she reaches for a pen by making a pen pot.

Simply dot some glue to the top inch of a cleaned empty jam jar and use thick yarn to wrap around the jar. Apply more glue to the next inch and wrap more yarn around until you have completely covered the jar.


Another cute idea for jam jars is to give a jar of love. Cover a cleaned jar with decorated paper; perhaps including a photo of your child.

Then fill the jar with pieces of paper saying what you love doing with your mum or what you love about her. When the recipient is missing you or in need of a boost, it’s all there in their jar of love!


Tin cans

Tin cans make the perfect individual pots for herbs on the windowsill.

Clean then paint the empty tins with acrylic paint. Drill a couple of holes in the bottom, put a few stones in the base then top up with compost. Sprinkle with herb seeds of your choice and attach instructions to water.

recycled-tin-can-herbsWhat about you? What items have you recycled into new gifts for Mothers Day?

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  1. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking on March 13, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    Oh all of these are so cute! I know our grandson will love making some of these. Thanks this is such a fun post!