Summerton Mill – where magical things happen

summerton millI remember it being a real challenge to find anything savoury I was happy for Little miss Green to watch when she was a toddler.

I hated most of the messages many children’s TV programmes were subliminally teaching, and sought out some old dvds from programmes I watched as a child instead. The programmes in the 1970s seemed pretty benign and innocent with a few good morals thrown in for good measure.

I did come across a real gem, however in the form of Summerton mill Рa magical place where wonderful and unexpected things  happen!

Summerton Mill seemed reminiscent of my childhood in the production and there’s no surprise there as it is a 21st Century stop-frame animation. Filming takes place on a model set where the characters are moved from position to position in minute increments, with a still image taken in each position. When these frames are viewed rapidly in succession, the characters are brought to life in a way that is characteristic of many of the older classic children’s television series such as Bagpuss, Camberwick Green and the Magic Roundabout.[amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]B003EG6BN2[/amazon-product]

I was sent a sample DVD a long time ago and it became one of my favourites! Now I’m delighted to hear that Summerton Series 1 is available on DVD through Amazon. The producers are hoping Summerton Mill will soon be finding itself in the hands of a UK broadcaster. There is also a facebook group, campaigning to get Summerton Mill onto CBeebies.

Summerton Mill was rated as the number two animated TV series of the decade by Toonhound. and I have to say I love it. It took me right back to my childhood, where everything seemed at a slower pace and people on TV programmes were good to each other. The episodes were full of charm and a community spirit.

My favourite character is the rather lazy Mousey Tongue; a large grey cat who does little but sleep in the sun all day. The chickens are delightful balls of feathers with legs that squeak

Dr Naybhur is a wonderful man who often ‘feels a song coming’ and whisks out his acoustic guitar to entertain his friends and then there are the Millfreaks; a cross between a rabbit and hedgehog who scuttle around the place defending their territory. And I cannot forget Francoise, a cow who moos with a French accent!

Do yourself a favour and get hold of a copy of this DVD. It exudes warmth, affection and every character and scene is infused with love. It’s truly delightful and in today’s fast-paced world you will do you and your children a great service by slowing down at the waters edge of Summerton Mill from time to time.