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Update on change the world wednesday

Submitted by on Wednesday, 30 September 2009 Loading Add to favourites  2 Comments

ctwwYou might remember that this week’s Change the World Wednesday challenge, set by Reduce Footprints, was to get our kids (or somebody else’s!) involved in an environmentally friendly activity.

I decided it was time for me to go back to the classroom, as Little miss green is a born eco girl.

She has a love of trees, animals and mother nature and hates to see litter or plastic bags!

This week I decided to be more observant about the things she does naturally. I’ve found it really difficult to be objective, but here are some of the things I came up with:

  • She automatically puts her banana peels in the compost caddy
  • When our cat died last Friday she was very anxious that we buried her and didn’t cremate her so that her body would go back to Mother Nature to feed the earth and worms
  • She wanted to make a doll this week and instead of asking for a kit, salvaged my fabric stash and looked at re purposing all materials.
  • She wanted Grandma to buy her a present this week – it was a tree to plant in the garden!
  • She asked me how much she would get fined and how long she would have to go to prison for if she crashed into every car on the planet so that there was no more pollution.
  • After crashing into every car on the planet she intends to sell electric cars to everyone for 10p
  • She put her leftover dinner back into the cupboard to eat later because ‘we don’t like food waste’
  • She went up to a stranger in the shop and congratulated him on using his own reusable bag LOL!
  • After a bath she asked me if we could start doing something with the water rather than letting it drain away (she’s got a point; any ideas for that one?)
  • On a journey this week her face lit up at the sight of the trees and I could hear her sighing and muttering things like ‘The leaves are so beautiful’ – how many kids notice the autumn leaves?
  • Dinner one night had to be all home grown; she had sweetcorn, potatoes, carrots and went to our neighbours house to ask for eggs!
  • She asked me for some rope because she wanted to repair her hammock – the hammock is made from an old fishing net she found washed up on the beach. Get that – she didn’t want a NEW hammock, she wanted to repair the one she already has …
  • Two nights this week, she dragged my lazy arse from behind this computer screen and took me outside to watch the sunset. It was so beautiful it made me cry – so thank you to my beautiful girl who reminds me of what truly matters in life.

I’m a little late with our update this week, but please take a look at all the wonderful people who took part and see what children around the world have been doing for our planet. It’s heart warming stuff.


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