New Myriad catalogue out for safe, natural wooden toys and art supplies

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Artemis crayons from Myriad online for safe, natural coloursIt’s that time of year again, when Myriad bring out their new catalogue. How I love this company! They tick all the right boxes for toys, games and craft supplies.

Every one of their products is hand picked with ethics in mind and creativity and imagination is top of the credentials.

You will not find toys that ‘do’ everything for the child – nothing takes batteries, is made from plastic or is ‘closed’ i.e. only has one use.

Most of their toys are made from sustainably managed forested wood. Finishes are toxic free natural oils, so it’s ok for your babes to put things in their mouths.
Art supplies are quality made products. You won’t find cheap crayons and pens that don’t last or produce good colour. Myriad stock Lyra and Stockmar, two of my favourite makes. But for the ultimate luxury, treat yourself and your children to Artemis block crayons – these are something else!

Myriad also sell beautiful children’s musical instruments that feed the soul. I’ve come across so many lifeless pieces of crap that do not give the first idea about rhythm and the beauty of harmony.

In addition, you can buy all you need for your seasonal table. Either ready made pieces or supplies and books to help you make your own.

If you only have one catalogue in your home, make it this one!

What about you? Do you have a favourite store for buying ethical children’s toys and art supplies?


  1. Lana on October 16, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    I think there is some connection in cosmic space between us. What a coincidence! I love wooden toys. I also was looking for safe wooden toys NOT MADE IN CHINA for one year old baby and got really frustrated. Then I found good quality, natural wood toys made in Germany.

  2. EcoChampion on October 26, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    I agree with these points . the Team at Eco Trend Spotter are going to investigate and review.

  3. Mrs Green on October 26, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Hey Lana, well I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if there was a connection – what is a few thousand miles between friends?!
    I’m glad you found some toys; did they have a website we could share with others?

    EcoChampion; let me know what you find out! I’ve been using Myriad for years and have found them to be wonderful.

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