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13 delicious, nutritious, healthy, frugal meals

Submitted by on Friday, 24 October 2014 Loading Add to favourites  No Comment

eco friendly gardeningThe media is awash with stories of more and more familites hitting the poverty line.

Headlines tell us that families are having to choose between heating and eating. And foodbanks are hitting crisis point.

It seems wrong that we live in an apparently affluent society, yet so many people are struggling financially.

Here are 13 ways to eat well for less. Many of them are excellent for using up wilting vegetables or bits of leftover dinner.

Not only will this save money, but it prevents waste too.


Try a homemade tomato sauce as a base then add the protein of your choice such as a tin of chickpeas , some tuna or some cut up leftover meat.

Beans, beans, beans

Beans on toast – a complete protein and long beholden as the perfect student meal!

If you’ve got some cheese coming to the end of its best, grate it finely over your meal.

Tinned fish

Tinned pilchards or sardines mashed with vinegar and spread on toast (or add chilli powder and lemon juice) – a simple, cheap comfort food.

Jacket potatoes

Jacket potatoes; what’s not to love – these are great for using up annoying amounts of ‘stuff’ from the fridge – a tablespoon of sweetcorn smothered in mayonnaise, the scrapings of the butter wrapper, the tiny portion of leftover curry or chilli. The possibilities are endless.


Lentil soup; make it thick and hearty and serve with fresh bread. A meal fit for a king at a pauper’s price.


Keep it simple with a tin of tomatoes, whatever veggies need using up from your fridge, some spices and lentils or tin of pulses. Chickpea and potato with kale is a delicious combination.

Comforting mash

Mashed potatoes (you can add swede and carrots if you have them too) served with dahl. Comforting, satisfying and a few pence to make.

Wrap it up

Wraps – simple to make, quick to cook and can be stuffed with anything and everything. Think of them as a poor man’s pancake and eat them sweet or savoury.

Thick vegetable soup

Use sweet root vegetables during the winter such as sweet potato and parsnip, add a pinch of curry powder and serve with dumplings for an instant casserole.


Make some shortcrust pastry and fill with whatever cooked veggies you have hanging around. Moisten with a little milk then cook until golden.


Home made pizza – satisfying, filling, can use up leftover pieces of ham, the end of a block of cheese, the last of a tube of tomato puree.


Pot barley stew – use up the soft onions and carrots from the vegetable rack and add cooked meat or a tin of pulses.

Stretch the budget

Make minced meat go further by adding a handful of lentils, porrage oats or pearl barley to cooked dishes such as shepherds pie or bolognase.

What about you? How do you serve your family warming, nutritious food while on a budget?


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