7 simple ways to reduce processed sugar in your diet

7 simple ways to reduce processed sugar in your dietThere is news all across the media that sugar is as addictive as some hard drugs.

In fact, in Amsterdam, people are queuing up to get into sugar rehab!

It takes only one bite of sugar to stimulate the brain to release dopamine, a natural chemical in the brain that drives our cravings and motivations. It’s the same chemical that also causes alcoholics and drug addicts to constantly seek a “high.”

So what can we do?

Well, while you might not be able to give up sugar overnight, here are seven swaps you can make during the day to reduce the amount of the processed white stuff you eat:


Top your bowl of porrage with some cinnamon instead of sugar. Cinnamon has a natural warmth and sweetness to it which is good for your gut and immunity.


When you reach for your sugary coffee, try a teaspoon of raw, organic honey instead. And if you have lemon tea, honey is the perfect companion.


Step away from the muffins and cakes and towards the fruit bowl. By having a fresh piece of fruit you’re getting the added benefit of fibre and vitamins.


Many of us love to unwind by doing baking in the evenings, but most recipes have copious amounts of sugar. Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from trees that is actually GOOD for your teeth!

Post exercise

After exercise you might think you deserve a sugary treat, but the best thing you can fill up on is protein. Why not try a bowl of natural yogurt with a handful of mixed seeds and some manuka honey, a handful of mixed nuts or few cubes of cheese?

Dinner time

You might think it’s ok to eat savoury prepared food, after all, you don’t need sugar in it. But turn over your jar of pasta sauce, your bottle of tomato ketchup or even a tin of baked beans and you’ll see sugar in there. It’s time to cook from scratch, using fresh vegetables and herbs so you can eat more healthily and avoid sneaky sugar.

Dessert time

There are heaps of recipes that taste delicious without the sugar. Why not make waffles topped with maple syrup, bake some honey cake or toast some oats and spoon them through yogurt? You get all of the taste without the sugar spikes.

What about you – how do you avoid processed sugar?