Diary of a detox week 2

detox for healthWell here I am after 2 weeks of my detox. For that, read healthy eating plan. I’m not really a full-blown detox gal. I’m not into putting things up where things could come down for the sake of a sparkly colon that I’ll never see. However, I do realise the importance of a healthy colon for wellbeing.

Last week I was getting used to my regime of eating less in terms of calories, but more variety. This week I did a detox on the outside as well as continuing with, and tweaking my diet.

I’ve added chickpeas and black eye beans this week, along with some different root vegetables such as swede and sweet potatoes, but after 8 days of eating vegetables and fruit I had a craving for a little comfort. I had the tiniest sliver of salted butter on my vegetables one day and it was divine! I could taste the fat and the salt and this satisfied my yearning. Before this week I was having, well, a LOT of butter on everything I ate. It was so good to taste and appreciate things more.

That’s one of the things I’ve noticed greatly; my food tastes amazing because my palate is cleaner and fresher. I’m also looking forward to my meals more and able to get into a more receptive space with food. I’m still having rice pudding made with basmatti rice and soya milk for breakfast, but I’m not  pigging out on it like I used to. Well, except for one day, which I’ll talk about another time.

I’m also much warmer this week and am not having blood sugar crashes. I don’t need to snack much and I’m amazed at how little food I can eat while remaining reasonably energetic. I’ve been out walking a few days this week up our local hill and I’ve felt great.

In honour of World Water Day and thanks to sally at Natural Spa Supplies who challenged me to the ultimate cleansing routine I could possibly have thought of, I’ve been adding an extra twit to my detox. Not only have I been cleaning my insides with good food, but I’ve been joining the elephants and pigs with a spot of mud bathing.

More on that later …

What about you – are you planning a detox in the near future – what are your goals for this and how will you achieve them?