Five day protein diet

laura hamilton five day protein diet

My belief is that you are what you eat.

But that there is no one diet that is right for everybody.

Whether you’re a fan of Adkins, raw, veganism or have food intolerances, creating a balanced and healthy diet is all about what works for YOU, taking into account any health issues, your lifestyle and time / budget for food preparation.

I recently came across this five day protein diet from Laura Hamilton.

Laura is “A Place in the Sun” presenter, and fitness enthusiast. This five day plan is designed to show how to effectively consume protein while hitting all the major food groups.

She has focused on the kind of fresh foods you can pick up in any supermarket, not niche health food  – and she claims it doesn’t have the break the bank. I’d love to know what you think!


Day 1


Breakfast: two scrambled eggs with grilled tomato, optional slice of wholemeal toast

Lunch: one wholemeal pita pocket oven baked with a teaspoon of pesto, spinach and mushrooms

Dinner: Palm-sized piece of salmon baked with ginger, and courgette and eggplant sautéed in olive oil

Snacks: Seed mix, mixed nuts, cranberries, fruit pieces

Treat: plain yoghurt mixed with raw cacao nibs

To drink: get in two litres of water, and why not try an energy booster juice made with kale, apple, celery juice?


Day 2


Breakfast: one cup of muesli with oat milk, topped with blueberries

Lunch: Spinach salad with greens, cucumbers and kidney beans with a drizzle of olive oil

Dinner: Palm-sized piece of lamb, grilled, alongside a cup of steamed broccoli, pumpkin and squash

Snacks: a handful of strawberries, apple, bag of pumpkin seeds

Treat: a banana topped with some chocolate flakes, you deserve it

Liquids: get your two litres of water, and try some peppermint tea


Day 3


Breakfast: a two-egg omelette topped with kale and parsley

Lunch: sweet potato (baked), with a spinach salad or some steamed vegetables

Dinner: palm-sized piece of chicken (oven-baked), with a sauce made of pan-fried mushrooms and spinach that’s blended with natural yoghurt

Snacks: handful of cashews, carrot sticks with hummus. Try the low fat variety or, better yet, make it yourself

Liquids: get your two litres of water, and try a raw juice made with fresh apple and celery


Day 4

Breakfast: a cup of porridge with berries and a spoonful of yoghurt

Lunch: a tuna salad with lettuce and red onion sprinkled with lemon zest

Dinner: a handful of tofu pieces, steamed vegetables and half a cup of boiled brown rice

Snacks: apple, celery sticks, a handful of grapes and some mixed seeds

Liquids: remember your two litres of water, try some camomile tea – hot or cold


Day 5

Breakfast: a heap of plain yoghurt with passionfruit, a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and two teaspoons of chia seeds

Lunch: some homemade soup with lentils, garlic, carrot and spinach. Lots of salt and pepper.

Dinner: indulge in a palm-sized steak, with seared asparagus and salad greens on the side, add some olive oil and balsamic

Snack: 1 banana and 10 cashews Snack: 2 rice cakes with avocado

Liquids: 2L water and 150ml kale, apple, celery juice (see Energy Booster Juice recipe)