Free pizza from @chicagotown? Don’t mind if I do #UltimatePizzaHit

chicago town pizzaYes I write about a green and healthy life, but I also promote a healthy balance in all things.

And I find the 80/2o rule is a good one to follow.

If you eat healthily 80% of the time, you can indulge yourself in the ‘not so healthy’ for the other 20%.

If you lead a sustainable lifestyle, there are times when you just can’t (or don’t want to) do it.

And there’s no use beating yourself up about it.

Now Little Miss Green is a teen she makes a lot of her own choices regarding her lifestyle – this includes health and food.

Believe me, it’s hard to let go, but you have to, right?

So in the freezer I have a range of ‘convenience’ options – we have managed to find some organic ready meals, I buy fishfingers and organic chips and I regularly buy pizza because I never seem to get around to making the dough in time to make my own!

One of my favoured brands for pizza is Chicago Town.

They’re reasonably cheap but provide good quality food that, most importantly, gets eaten by my hollow-legged teen.

We frequently buy the ‘Deep Dish’ and ‘The Takeaway’, so when were invited to try out their full range, to celebrate the launch of new flavours in the Deep Dish range, how could we resist?

The new flavours provide a hit for meat lovers:

  • The New Yorker contains Pepperoni Slices, Ham, Red Onions and melted Mozzarella Cheese with a BBQ Sauce.
  • Chicken & Bacon Club Deep Dish pizza contains Chicken Bacon, Ham and Mozzarella Cheese with Tomato Sauce.
  • Pulled Pork is Pulled Pork and Fried Onion, on a bed of melted Mozzarella and BBQ Sauce.
  • Sloppy Joe contains Spicy Beef, Red Onions and Green Peppers.

What I like about the Chicago Town brand is that for a conventional convenience food they contain few allergens, there are few unrecognisable, unpronouncable ingredients and the packaging is pretty minimal. You can find all their nutritional information on their website and most of the packaging can be recycled.

What about you – where are the areas in your life that you adopt the 80/20 rule?

Disclosure: I was sent vouchers for the entire Chicago Town range, but was already previously buying it, so happy to promote.