Get Creative About Food To Help Your Health and the Environment

Benefits of cutting out animal products - littlegreenblogFor many people, summer is the perfect time to make a change in lifestyle.

If you’ve been wondering about ways to get healthier while also benefiting the environment, you’re in luck: there are several ways to shed pounds while reducing your carbon footprint.

Here, you’ll learn some of the benefits of cutting out animal products, and tips to stay motivated to meet your goals.

Reduce Meat Intake

The number one piece of advice from physicians is to reduce meat intake, especially red meat, as it’s a major contributor to heart disease. Red meat in particular, is extremely hard on the environment to produce, and the unnecessary fat, calories, and harmful compounds contained in it are not worth indulging on a regular basis. To combat heart disease, replace your cheeseburgers with something healthier, like high quality plant protein such as quinoa. You can still get your protein without the guilt from calories.

Find Alternatives To Your Favorites

There’s now a huge group of health conscious individuals who are looking for ways to improve their health while also helping the environment. Companies have catered to this group, and there are lots of products available to help you meet your goals. For example, hamptoncreek saw a need to create great-tasting foods that are both healthy and sustainable, so you can try eggless mayo, eggless cookie dough, and other foods like salad dressings that are lower in calories and sugar that are also responsibly produced.

Shop Locally For Produce

Transport costs drive up the price of produce, so if you’re interested in saving money and contributing to less pollution, try to find local farmers markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Buying locally from a small farm also lets you have the peace of mind that you know exactly where your food comes from, while helping the local economy.

Be An Animal Advocate

One of the biggest reasons to eliminate animal products from your diet is to help animals. Considering how many animal lovers there are, it’s surprising that there are relatively few vegans and vegetarians. If you’ve been wanting to make the leap, there are plenty of support systems and resources available to help you transition to a plant-based diet. To help you stay motivated, consider visiting a bookstore and picking up a book on the ethics of veganism.

Be an animal advocate

Find New Recipes

When it’s time to switch to a new way of eating, it’s important to not get bored by eating the same dishes over and over. That can lead to boredom and returning to old comfort foods. Whether you browse Pinterest for new and exciting recipes or you make them up yourself, creativity in your cooking is key to feeling satisfied sticking to your new dietary needs.

Save Water

When you make the switch to a diet free from, or less dependent upon, animal products, you’ll save huge amounts of water. The amount of water that’s needed to sustain animals before slaughter is enormous, and plants take a lot less to thrive before they make it to your plate.

Reduce Air Pollution

The mass production of meat causes unprecedented amounts of air pollution. Methane emissions from cattle cause destruction on the environment, and we can all make a difference by eating less red meat. Over the course of several years without red meat, one person can make a dent in air pollution.

reduce air pollution

Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Diseases

Cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis are all linked to high levels of animal products in the diet. All of these diseases and conditions are common in America, and it’s largely due to poor diet choices. You can extend your life, improve your quality of life, and save thousands on medications and treatments by investing in your health now and cutting out the products that are known to contribute to chronic conditions.


There are countless reasons to begin reforming your diet to rid yourself of a dependence on unhealthy animal products. If you’re looking for ways to improve your health while also doing your part to decrease strain on the environment, one of the best things you can do is to look for ways to eliminate animal products while finding recipes and substitutes that will keep you feeling satisfied.

Avoiding boredom with food is a key component to sticking to your goals for the rest of your life. No one wants to eat food that tastes bland or boring, and luckily, there are countless recipes and products to help you eat what you like.