How a jacket potato almost ruined the world

Jackets 279 x 310_britThis week’s Change the World Wednesday challenge is fascinating.

Reduce Footprints is challenging us to take a good look at the products we buy on a regular basis.

Chances are you have some favourite brands and items that you’ve checked over in the past and tick all your boxes.

You might prefer organic, fairtrade, seasonal or products with only natural ingredients.

But we all know that manufacturers have a habit of ‘improving’ their recipe from time to time AND they need to make money, so they often tempt you with freebies.

This week then we have been asked to eliminate the unnecessary things in, and attached to, good products.

I used to love free samples – I’d rip them out of magazines and even send away for them.

But now there are so few ‘good’ companies that offer samples I can’t stand the things.

I refuse goodie bags, promotional items and samples wherever possible.

And I get SO annoyed when charities send me stuff in the post that I don’t want – plastic biros, naff cards and even coasters that I don’t use.

I swear Small Footprints hides behind my sofa from time to time because THIS week, after spending so long without anything unwanted passing the threshold of Chez Green I ended up with two freebies in my supermarket delivery!

I never get anything normally!

And I had something I will not be using…

It’s a part-cooked jacket potato that you are supposed to finish off in the microwave.

Say what?

Personally, being a jacket potato snob, I can’t think of anything worse.

And what’s more they are making an ASSumption that I use a microwave.

I don’t even have one in the house.

But I know someone who does…

My friend has just moved into a new house and has only a microwave for cooking, so this part baked frozen jacket potato will be coming with me next time I visit.

(And it’s ok, I know he’ll love and appreciate this gift).

Fortunately the second freebie was ok. Very nice in fact!

It was a coconut, pineapple and banana smoothie which Little miss Green will drink for breakfast.


There are no nasties in it – just pure fruit and it’s similar to things I buy on a regular basis.

Ideally I would choose organic, but as a one-off this will be fine and I’m very grateful.

I never buy ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offers on anything other that storecupboard items – offers are fab for cleaning products, crisps or tins of food. But for perishables I leave them on the shelf because I know they’ll end up wasted.

So I think I’ve got away with this, but isn’t it funny how these two items landed in my kitchen this week and it all ties into the new Challenge…

Thanks SF!